Bigaint LCD Digital Camera Binoculars Review

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This is a pair of black and silver binoculars which oozes style and sophistication. Or should this be silver and black? Bigaint’s offering to the binoculars with camera scene is reminiscent of all the other offerings on our best digital camera binoculars list. They are as sleek and efficient as all the other pairs already reviewed. Again the centerpiece is black, the hinges are silver and the silver look wraps along the inside of each side of the camera binoculars. There are two discreet loops bordering the main black on the side of the sunglasses; these are for the neck strap which comes with the Bigaint LCD Digital Camera Binoculars when you order it. This is another product which can be purchased for between $100 and $150; it is well worth the money!


The binoculars with camera measure 9 inches by 4 inches and weigh just over one pound. The Bigaint LCD Digital Camera Binoculars binoculars offer magnification of x12 with a decent sized objective lens of 32mm. The screen is 2 inches and the pictures are JPEG while the video is, unsurprisingly, AVI. The resolution on the high setting is 1280 x 960 while the low-resolution option is 640 x 480. You can focus on objects in the distance exceptionally well. The field of view is 96 meters at 1,000 meters and the exit pupil diameter is 2.08 while the distance is 12mm. It is capable of focusing on objects as close as 4 meters as well as those hundreds of meters away.


There is a built-in lithium battery and they can be adapted to fit on a tripod although you will need to purchase a separate adaptor but a charging cable, and user manual is included in the package. Once again the image sensor is 1.3 megapixels which are the one area that could be improved. It will take memory cards but you will need to purchase one yourself unless you already have one. When you order these camera binoculars they arrive with a charging cable and user manual. Although they have the loops for a neck strap you need to purchase these separately; it is generally a good idea to do so as they will help to keep your camera binoculars safe. 


The Bigaint LCD digital camera binoculars are a good offering but not sufficient to blow the competition away. Although they appear similar and durable they do not offer anything distinctively better than the competition. Having said that there have only been reviewed a few times on Amazon so far but all of them rate these binoculars with a camera as a 5-star product.  In fact, all of these reviews extol the virtues of these camera binoculars, the only negative point seems to be a tendency for the rubber caps on the lenses to fall off; which can be easily remedied with a little glue. This aside the other reviews all comment on the quality of this product. Unfortunately, the limited number of reviews prevents this from being given the best value award. They must be content for now to be considered one of the 10 best digital camera binoculars on the market. 


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