Breaking 80 IS500 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

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Every passionate golfer is always looking for ways to improve their game and better their performance. They are willing to spend a couple dollars on tools, techniques and technology that will help them do that, such as golf laser rangefinders. While there is a wide variety of laser rangefinders available on the market, many of them come at a premium price. However, if you are not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on a measuring device, it doesn’t mean that all is lost.

You can improve your game with the Breaking 80 IS500 golf laser rangefinder, which is a high quality measuring device that comes at a very pocket friendly price. Despite the low price, it comes with a set of features that will serve you well on the course. Let’s take a more detailed look into this budget rangefinder.

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The Breaking 80 IS500 comes in the classic wide body that is great for golfers who like a fuller feel on their rangefinders. Despite the wide body, the IS500 is lightweight and easy to hold. It measures 4” x 1.4” 2.9”. The rangefinder is available in a choice of four color schemes. The rangefinder comes with a water resistant casing, which means that it can be used in rainy weather, although it cannot handle being immersed under water. There are two buttons on the top side for operation. The top and bottom sides are fitted with textured rubber to ensure a tight grip. The IS500 also has a wider focus ring, making it easier to adjust focus with one finger.


The IS500 comes with dual mode operation, giving you the freedom to choose between flag seeking mode and the 8 second continuous scanning mode. The flag seeking mode is used for ranging yardages to the flagstick. The flag seeking mode on the IS500 uses 3rd generation Pin Sensor technology with First Target Priority Technology. With First Target Technology, the device is able to quickly and automatically filter out any background targets and isolate the flag.

This is useful in situations where the user wants to range the flag when they cannot see it with the naked eye. The continuous scanning mode is equipped with IntelliScan Technology, which comes in handy when the user wants to quickly measure the distance to multiple targets. In this mode, you can sweep the device across the course for up to 8 seconds and it will give you the distances to the trees, the fairway edge, water hazards, bunkers or even the back of the green.

The Breaking 80 IS500 comes with a 24mm objective multilayer coated monocular lens that can magnify targets up to 6x. The device is quite accurate. It is capable of ranging targets up to a distance of 550 yards, with an accuracy of plus or minus 1 yard. This budget rangefinder also comes with a high quality LCD screen that makes it possible for the user to read the measurements in rainy weather or even under the glare of the sun. Since the IS500 does not have a Slope function, it is can be legally used in golf tournaments. The rangefinder is powered by a 3 volt CR2 battery which you get on purchase. It also comes with a free carrying case and a no questions asked lifetime warranty.


  • Reading the data displayed by the IS500 is very easy because of the high quality, ultra clear LCD screen. It is not uncommon to find even pricier laser rangefinders having an issue with the screen.
  • Since it does not have a slope function, the device is compliant with rule 14-3 of the USGA on the use of artificial devices.
  • The IS500 is light weight, so it does not present any challenge when you need to carry it around during several rounds of golf.
  • The flag seeking mode with 3rd Pin Sensor technology comes proves useful when you need to locate the pin when you cannot see it with your naked eye.
  • The IS500 is highly accurate. With its plus or minus 1 yard accuracy, users do not have to worry about getting yardages that are miles off the mark.
  • The dual mode operation makes the IS500 very versatile, since you can use it both to range the flagstick or to better understand the course.
  • The lifetime warranty will come in handy in case your device develops a defect after a few months or years of usage. Breaking 80 will repair or replace your device with no questions asked.


  • The set of features on the IS500 is limited when compared to other measuring devices on the market. However, the features on this device are more than you expect to find on other devices within the same price range.
  • It does not have a slope function, therefore it is not as accurate as devices with the slope function. However, this is only a disadvantage when you are in practice or playing a casual game.
  • The IS500 is not very suitable for ranging targets that are a long distance out since it tends to lose its accuracy.


The Breaking 80 IS500 golf laser rangefinder has received favorable reviews from owners, with many praising its design and user-friendly operation. Due to its lack of some features included in higher end models, the IS500 is suitable for amateur golfers. It is also suitable for golfers who are not ready to spend a lot of money on their golfing accessories. The overall verdict is that the IS500 is among the best rangefinders in its price range. The performance of some of its features can be compared to what you will find on higher end models. The 3rd Gen. advanced pin sensor technology and the clearer screen give this rangefinder gives a competitive edge over other rangefinders in the same price range. All in all, its merits outweigh its drawbacks, making it a good choice at its price point.

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