Bushnell Bear Grylls Binoculars

Bushnell Bear Grylls Compact Binoculars Review

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In recent years, companies have made it a habit to put a celebrity’s name on one of their products, and hike up the prices of said product as a consequence. When we’re discussing outdoor gear, one of those names that springs to mind is Bear Grylls. He is famous for his survival TV shows, and based on that, plenty of people trust his gear choices. He doesn’t only have the compact binoculars, he also has a few knives and other tools as well, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss today.

Since Bear Grylls is a well-known name, it only makes sense that a well-known company should use his name on one of their products. That is the case here, as we have a pair of Bushnell binoculars with Grylls’ logo all over them. We’re talking about the Bushnell 8×25 compact binoculars. Even though that’s not often the case when you have celebrity logos included, these compact binoculars are actually an excellent pick. They give their competition a good run for its money, and might be the best pair of Bushnell binoculars that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Let’s get into some more details.

Kicking things off with the design.

When you first unbox the Bushnell binoculars, you’ll notice a rubberized, rugged design with the BG logo right in the middle. If you are buying them because of Bear Grylls’ input in the design, you’ll like this. However, for others, it might be a bit too big and obnoxious. Another thing you might notice if you know binoculars is the prism system. With compact binoculars, we usually see the reverse Porro prism, but here, we have a roof prism instead. When you have budget options, a Porro prism will usually give you a bit more in terms of image quality. That is not the case with these Bushnell binoculars. They also have the advantage of close focus, and we’re talking about 14 feet. If a bird lands nearby, you can easily focus on it.

The whole thing is rubberized with a non-slip armor, and you will also find Soft Texture Grip. This is Bushnell’s way of saying that the binoculars won’t slip out of your hands, even if the conditions aren’t stellar. The build quality extends to the weather resistance, as the binoculars are both waterproof, and fog proof. They are O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged as well. This is something you’ll appreciate if you ever get caught out in the rain, or if you’ll be using them in humid weather.

There is a center focus system, and the knob is just stiff enough, while remaining incredibly smooth. You will also get a diopter adjustment on the right eyepiece, which is appreciated. If you’d rather stick to your glasses, the eye relief is 13.5mm. In terms of weight, you’re looking at 10.2oz. All things considered, the build quality is excellent, just as we’d expect from a pair of Bushnell binoculars.

What about the inside?

These compact binoculars come in two configurations, 10×25, and 8×25, and today we’re discussing the latter. 8 times magnification is right in the middle of the common 6 to 10 times range for compact binoculars. It lets you get fairly close to your subject, but it still maintains a good field of view of 360 feet at 1000 yards. With the close focus we mentioned, you can easily observe subjects that are close to you in order to look at details. The 25mm objective lens will let in plenty of light, and makes for a bright and crisp image.

You will find BAK4 prisms, as well as multicoated optics inside these Bushnell binoculars. That’s as good as it gets, and image quality is, honestly, stunning. When combined with the 25mm lens, brightness is guaranteed, and you can easily discern details on subjects that are a good distance away. If you’re looking for no-compromise optics, but don’t want to spend too much, this might be a very good buy.

How do they perform?

When we’re discussing Bushnell binoculars, there aren’t many models that offer subpar performance. The Bushnell Bear Grylls is a truly stunning pair of compact binoculars, and the performance is on par with what Bushnell promises. When you have bright light outside, the image is sharp and with plenty of contrast. You can easily distinguish details at a distance, and this is an excellent pair of binoculars for things such as birdwatching. But, most binoculars perform good when there’s light. However, the Bushnell also perform good when there isn’t that much light, or when it’s raining. There was no noticeable image quality loss in these conditions, making the binoculars a great all-round buy.

Conclusion: who are they for?

For anyone who’s into outdoor activities, having a good pair of all-round binoculars is essential. If you don’t want to carry a big and clunky pair, compact binoculars are the way to go. The Bushnell Bear Grylls 8×25 is a great option for such people. It gives you a good magnification factor, quality optics, excellent image quality and an immaculate build quality. Everything works admirably, such as the focus or diopter adjustment knobs. Bushnell also throws a bit of a bonus in the box as well, with the included lens strap, case and cleaning cloth. There’s also the limited lifetime warranty, which is always welcome with products that are meant for outdoor use.

However, not all is perfect. For one, there is no included way of mounting these Bushnell binoculars on a tripod. For people who prefer to leave their binoculars pointing in a certain direction, this is a bummer. Also, that obnoxious BG logo might be off-putting for people who aren’t fans of Bear Grylls.

At the end of the day, if you don’t mind the logo, and can live without mounting these compact binoculars on a tripod, they’re actually a great buy. But the best of all? They’re a pair of Bushnell binoculars that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

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