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Commander 3G Wireless Trail Camera Review

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Snyper Hunting Products are dedicated to providing the highest quality hunting products at the most affordable prices in the market. In keeping up with this dedication, they built the Commander 3G wireless trail camera, which is an excellent home security and outdoor surveillance customer. This trail camera packs a set of features that give even the highest priced trail cameras a run for their money, yet it is the most affordable of its kind that you will find in the market. Whether what you require is amazingly fast trigger and sending speed for instant alerts when an intruder trespasses your property, or if you just don’t want to miss that elusive buck you have been scouting for weeks, you will find that the Snyper Commander 3G is a great choice for you.

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The Commander 3G wireless trail camera has a simple design, with a shape similar to most other trail cameras. That is as far as the similarities go. It has a tough exterior casing that will comfortably handle the elements, with a waterproof rating of IP54. The Commander 3G is small and light, measuring just 131.42 x 98.72 x 77.44mm and weighing a mere 404 grams. The trail camera has a long antenna that sticks out of the body. To avoid getting easily broken, the antenna has a joint near the base that allows it to bend instead of breaking. The camera lens is located at the center of the device with the passive infrared motion sensor directly below it. At the top and bottom of the device are sets of infrared flash LEDs.

Trigger speed

Trigger speed refers to how fast the device triggers the camera to take a photo after detecting motion. The Commander 3G has an above average trigger speed of 0.4 seconds, which is fast enough to capture most animals or intruders. The Commander 3G has a recovery time of 2 to 5 seconds. This is the time that the camera needs before it can capture another photo.

Image and Video Quality

The Snyper Commander 3G wireless trail camera comes with a 12MP that captures super clear, high quality photos. However, it is possible for the user to change the settings, allowing it to take either 5MP or 8MP photos. The photos taken are saved in JPEG format. The Commander 3G has 56 powerful no glow flash LEDs which are used to illuminate the scene for clear and bright night time images. The camera can also be set to time lapse mode, which programs the camera to regularly capture photos at predetermined time intervals. It is important to note that the photos will be compressed before they are transmitted. However, the full size high quality images will be saved on the SD card and can be downloaded when you access the SD card.

The Commander 3G also records high quality HD videos at 1080p. The user can also adjust the setting so that the camera records videos at 720p. One may choose to do this since 720p videos require less space compared to 1080p. 1080p videos will take up approximately 2MB of space for every second recorded. The videos are recorded in AVI format. The Commander 3G can be programmed to record videos that are anywhere between 5 to 60 seconds in length.

Detection Zone

The detection zone is defined as the area directly in front of the trail camera where it will be able to pick up any movement or change in ambient heat, thereby triggering the camera to capture a photo or record video. The detection zone is an important consideration since it determines where and how you will position your camera. The Commander 3G has an impressive detection zone. The passive infrared motion sensor has a range of 100 feet and an angle of view of 110 degrees. The IR flash LEDs have a range of 100 feet as well. Having an equal PIR and IR flash range is important because it means that there will be no loss of range at night.


The Commander 3G wireless trail camera uses 8 AA batteries. The camera can also be powered by a12v external DC power source. It is highly recommended that you use lithium batteries with the Commander 3G. Lithium batteries are able to perform perfectly even in the most extreme temperatures, making them suitable for use in outdoor devices. They can operate in the extreme cold temperatures of winter or the extremely hot temperatures of summer. Alkaline batteries will cease to function when exposed to very extreme temperatures. Lithium batteries also have an extended life span.

Other Features

The Commander 3G has a light sensor for detecting between night and day. It can take various sizes of SD card, ranging from 8MB to 32GB. The trail camera also has a 2 inch LCD screen that displays images in 256k.  This comes in handy when you need to change the device settings or when you need to view the images and video on the device. It is capable of video playback with x2, x3 and x4 zoom. The Commander 3G also has an auto power off function that switches the camera to standby mode after 60 seconds without activity. The camera has a TV out interface and a USB port.


  • The camera has a wide detection zone.
  • The 12MP lens results in clear and bright photos.
  • It has 56 infrared LEDS, which provide adequate illumination for clear night time photos.
  • The 0.4s trigger speed will capture almost any animal.
  • The Commander 3G is very affordable.


There’s not much to say about the disadvantages of the Commander 3G wireless trail camera, because at its highly affordable price, it exceeds the expectations you might place on it.


With the Commander 3G wireless trail camera, Snyper have maintained their reputation for providing high quality products at affordable prices. The camera has an impressive range, an above average trigger speed and high quality photos and videos, all this at a budget price. This may be just the perfect trail camera you need for you to finally kill that buck that has been eluding you.

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