Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3×42 Night Vision Riflescope Review

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Gen 1 scopes can be hard to find at an affordable price, especially if you are looking to buy them brand new. Most of these scopes retail for high prices and they can be hard to find as well, especially if you are looking for quality. One such scope that came to mind is the Firefield FF16001 Riflescope with decent magnification and night vision optics.

While searching for scopes is a hobby for many people, some just want the best scope for their rifle. The Firefield FF16001 Riflescope might not be one of the worst out there, but it is still a Gen 1 scopes that should be looked at and considered. If you are having a hard time deciding, this article will shed some light on the scope and whether it is worth it.

Technical Specifications:

  • It is made with a durable titanium body
  • An outer rubber coating adds some additional protection
  • The unit is a Gen 1 model scope
  • The 3X magnification is introduced
  • An objective lens of 42mm for optimal light dispersion
  • The total weight is around 30.7-ounces
  • Uses 2 AA batteries of 3-volt (Battery life is 20-hours with IR, and 50-hours without IR)
  • Weaver rail mounted design
  • Night vision is added (Illuminated red dot reticle)
  • It has a 42mm eye relief as well

Firefield FF16001 Riflescope Review:

As you might have already seen, the Firefield FF16001 Riflescope has many features packed into that special design. All of these features are added to make your experience a little better when using it with your rifle. The unit also looks good on most rifles, giving it some added bonus points when you are looking for value.

To start, we should look at the inner design of the scope. It has been crafted from titanium for the inner body and this does make it one of the most durable options you can choose. While titanium is slightly heavier than aluminum, it offers a lot more value to the user with the ability to withstand common falls and potential issues.

On the outside, we have some rubber for additional protection, which ensures it is not only waterproof but shockproof as well. One of the other benefits is that you can easily attach it to all your rifles. The Weaver rail system that has been used allows for this, allowing individuals to switch between the different rifles they are using.

Looking at the magnification, you might not think that it is great. However, 3X is still more than enough to allow you to clearly see at over 500-yards. The size of the massive 42mm objective lens will absorb most of the light, allowing for use in low-light conditions as well. This allows users to hunt when the sun is setting or rising early in the morning.

The feature that most people are probably loving about the Firefield FF16001 Riflescope is the night vision capabilities. The unit can be used at night, but the distance you have to work with is greatly reduced. This makes more for a tactical scope that you will be using if your ambitions are to use it once the sun has set.

With batteries being hard to find and recharge out in the wild, the scope works with 2 AA batteries that will keep the unit powered. These will allow it to produce a red reticle that can be used to easily hit your target. When using in the day without the Infrared, it will give you around 50-hours of use. At night, the use of infrared does reduce this to around 20-hours. I think this is still more than enough for most things we do at night.

While all of these perfect components have been fitted into this package, it is not one of the lightest you will find. With a weight of around 30-ounces, it can be a drag to carry over long distances and perhaps even bog you down. However, it will make up for this by giving you numerous features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Finally, the tactical aspect of the unit with the night vision has been specifically made to use at 30-yards or less. Once you have your sights set on your target, the unit will wash out most of the other objects and keep your focus on your target. Should you be willing to upgrade, you can add IR detection for longer ranges.

What We Like:

  • Extremely affordable price for Gen 1
  • Durable titanium and rubber design
  • Massive 42mm objective lens
  • Night vision with a massive battery life
  • Illuminated reticle with close focus
  • Versatile for use in all conditions

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is fairly heavy to carry around
  • The IR detection is only for close ranges

Should You Buy The Firefield FF16001 Riflescope?

The Firefield FF16001 Riflescope is not for everyone, but it has many great uses that make it viable for almost every person with a rifle to own. The scope is durable and the addition of night vision is perfect for hunting at night. The Weaver rail mount is versatile, allowing you to mount and dismount it in just a couple of seconds.

However, if you don’t need night vision, you might not have to buy it for your rifle, but having an illuminated reticle and a massive objective lens adds some value. The scope will not take the game out of hunting and it is a great affordable addition. I would buy it simply because it is hard to find any Gen 1 scope at this affordable price.


In conclusion, the Firefield FF16001 Riflescope is certainly something that the average user can buy and use. It is not only for hunting, with many people using it for tactical shooting or even competitions. The unit is a great addition to most rifles as well. If you are looking at more options, why not read our Best List here.

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