Qiyat Infrared Night Vision Binoculars Review

Qiyat is not as well known as some of the other camera binoculars on this list but they are a strong contender. Instead of being black they are a deep green, almost looking like something that action man would carry with him! These are designed for a multitude of uses but they would certainly be a valuable addition to anyone who hunts regularly. In the box, you will get one set of camera binoculars, a shoulder strap, soft carry pouch, a short strap and two cables for connecting it to your computer or television. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive instruction manual. It is worth noting that this product is in the same price range as many entry night vision binoculars, from $375 to $425.

These binoculars are high performance and have a 1.5-inch screen built into them. You can see it through the eyepiece by simply tapping one of the 8 buttons set into the center of the binoculars. Between the switches sits the large focus wheel. The eyepieces also rotate to help you fine tune the focus and get the best possible picture. The inbuilt camera takes 5-megapixel photos which is respectable. They are made of heavy-duty plastic, the same as that used by the military. In addition, they are fully waterproof and the infrared feature will allow you to see for 980 feet at night, even with no light! The video is recorded at 720 pixels, perhaps not the best but certainly better than the VGA offerings on other cameras.  The buttons are well positioned so that you will quickly be hitting them to change the view or other features while looking at the screen.

You can magnify items by x4 and then magnify them further with the digital zoom function; which operates at x5. The objective lenses are 50mm which is nice and wide, encouraging a wide field of vision and maximum light to enable clear and bright images. The infrared illuminator is built in and can be switched on in less than a second. You might also appreciate the date and time stamp as well as the GPS log to show when and where every photo or video was taken. All videos and images are recorded on an SD card, the slot ill handle cards as big as 32GB. You can use the cables to download your images or display them directly to your television. The exit pupil distance is 30mm while the diameter is 2.8. There is a 10-inch field of view and objective aperture of 31mm. These camera binoculars measure 8.1 inches by 6.6 inches by 3.5 inches and weigh just over 2 pounds. This means you can easily fit them into the palm of your hand and take them anywhere with you.

The Qiyat is a vastly untested item. A new contender in the night vision binoculars field. We find that there are several other options that could do the same thing. Sometimes less is more. In addition, it does not have the same appeal as the Bestguarder NV800 which has additional features and simply looks fantastic.

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Qiyat Infrared Night Vision Binoculars
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