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Spypoint Link 4G Cellular HD Trail Camera Review

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One of the most annoying things about buying a cellular trail camera is the cumbersome process one has to go through while setting up its cellular connectivity. Well, seems the folks at Spypoint were tired of this as well. That is why they set out to build the Spypoint Link 4G trail camera, which promises to be the most hassle free cellular trail camera available on the market. With this trail camera, you don’t have to wonder if it will work with your cell phone’s data plan or if there’s coverage in your area. Instead, all you need to do is to simply buy the trail camera and leave the rest of the set up to Spypoint.

The Link 4G comes with a pre-activated SIM card. Once the camera has been set up, it automatically chooses the best signal to use. With 4G connectivity, you can bet that photos will be delivered to your cell phone instantly.

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The Spypoint Link 4G has a really cool and unique design that looks like a huge alien beetle. The casing on the Link 4G is strong, tough and capable of handling the elements since it’s meant for outdoor use. One of the most outstanding aspects of the Link 4G’s design is that it does not have a long protruding antenna. Instead, it has a short antenna, about one inch long. This makes it easy for the user to find a nice hiding spot for the camera without the antenna getting in the way.

The short antenna also means that the user doesn’t have to worry about the risk of its getting broken, which would reduce the cellular trail camera into a regular camera. The Link 4G also comes with a 2.4 inch viewing screen which allows the user to view the photos on the device or manage its settings.It also has a camo exterior which makes ideal for use in the field.

Trigger Speed

With a millisecond trigger speed of just 0.07 seconds, the Link 4G has the fastest trigger speed of all trail cameras in the market. This means that the Link 4G will not miss even the fastest animal that might pass in front of it.

Image quality

The Spypoint Link 4G trail camera uses a 12MP lens that captures high quality photos that are very clear and rich in detail. At night, the Link 4G uses 62 high power, super low glow LEDS combined with blur reduction technology to ensure maximum image quality. The blur reduction technology is active even during the day, so you can expect that all photos from this camera will be blur free. With the time lapse mode, the user can set the camera such that it takes photos at regular, preset time intervals. The multi shot mode allows the trail camera to take up to 6 photos every time it detects motion. The user can opt to have the date, time, temperature and moon phase stamps printed on each photo.

The Link 4G also records excellent high definition videos at 720p with audio. During the day, the camera records full color videos while at night it records black and white videos. The same 62 high power low glow LEDs are used for video illumination at night. It also uses infrared boost technology to ensure maximum video quality at night. In Photo first mode (also known as hybrid mode), the trail camera will take a photo and send it to the user’s cell phone or email just before it starts recording the video. Videos recorded on the Spypoint Link 4G cellular trail camera can last anywhere between 10 to 90 seconds.

Detection zone

The Spypoint Link 4G has one of the cameras with the longest detection range in the market. The passive infrared motion sensor on this trail camera has a range of a staggering 100 feet. This is really impressive. Another unique thing about the Link 4G is that, unlike most other cameras, the flash range is at par with the motion sensor, with an LED flash range of 100 feet as well. This means that the detection range is not compromised at night like you would expect with other cameras. Additionally, the Link 4G has a curved motion sensor, which improves its detection angle, giving it 5 detection zones.

Other features

The Spypoint Link 4G trail camera comes with theft alert mode which alerts the owner in case it detects camera movement and manipulation. The camera is paired with a smartphone app which can be used to configure settings, manage your account, upload media and many other functions. Unlike most other cameras, this trail camera uses 6 AA batteries. There is also the option of using a rechargeable battery pack, which is compatible with a solar panel. To maximize battery life, you can utilize batch mode, which transmits the photos in batches at set intervals instead of transmitting immediately each photo is captured.


  • It comes with a pre-activated SIM card, which makes it hassle free to set up the camera.
  • The 12MP camera provides excellent photo quality.
  • The curved motion sensor combined with a long detection range give the camera a wide detection zone.
  • The millisecond trigger speed means it’s unlikely to miss an animal or intruder.
  • Theft alert mode alerts you in case someone tries to make off with your camera.
  • Operating the camera is easy and convenient using the Spypoint Link App.
  • It is compatible with a solar panel, which avoids having to buy new batteries every time.


There’s not much to be disappointed with in this camera. Spypoint only need to upgrade the video resolution to 1080p and it will compete with the best of the best.


The Spypoint Link 4G is among the best cellular trail cameras available. It is tough and durable, has hassle-free activation, has a fast enough millisecond trigger speed, theft detection and takes excellent photos and videos. What else could a hunter ask for?

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