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Who Are We?

Welcome to PointOptics.com, the place where you’ll find everything about hunting optics you wanted to know, and everything you didn’t know you needed. Similar to most sites dedicated to reviews and shopping guides, Point Optics is a site made by the people for the people, so to speak. All of our reviewers are passionate hunters with years of experience under their belts, so you can rest assured that all the products have passed intent scrutiny and practical tests before being recommended. In other words, each and every product will invariably have earned its place on this site.

What You’ll Find Here

Seeing as hunting covers such a wide scope (no pun intended, but very much welcome) of activities and related paraphernalia, instead of going wide, we decide to go deep. Here you can find exhaustive and detailed reviews and guides when it comes to hunting optics (as the astute reader may have already guessed). Expect to read about rifle scopes, rangefinders, trail cameras and night vision optics (the last item includes night vision binoculars, night vision monoculars, as well as night vision goggles).

As of this writing, you can read up on how rangefinders and night vision goggles actually work, as well as see the best products in the following categories: trail and game cameras, night vision monoculars, night vision binoculars, night vision goggles, and range finders, with scopes in the works.

Objective Reviews

What prompted making one such site, you might ask. Well, the reasons are twofold. On the one hand, hunting gear is a massive industry with generous profit, to say the least. This means that there’s an incredible number of companies trying to get a piece of that cake, and each of these has a decent range of products. So, the first problem is too many choices. Factor in the usually barely comprehensible and sales-y language most manufacturers use, and the fact that the average consumer doesn’t care about specs much but goes for what his friends recommend, and you get a mess few would care to unravel. Not to play martyrs, but we waded through this morass of technical babble and marketing shticks, wanting to make buyer’s guides and product reviews that even weekend warriors will have no problem reading.

The second side of the reason is the fact that there are a precious few sites similar to this one out there. Granted, there are sites upon sites that deal with hunting and hunting gear, but none goes into so much depth when it comes to hunting optics, such as trail cameras, rangefinders and night vision goggles. If you have a particular product in mind, check out our individual product reviews. If, on the other hand, you want to get an idea what to look for, rifle (ok, this time the pun was intended) through our condensed guides, with top recommendations for that particular piece of equipment.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or suggestions please use our Contact form. We welcome any feedback. For an organized look at the site see our Sitemap.

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