ZeroHour Relic XR2 Review
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ZeroHour Relic XR2 Review

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Whether you enjoy the outdoors, or you simply need a flashlight that allows you to see in the dark, the ZeroHour Relic XR2 can be one of your best friends. It is packed with state of the art features and a versatile design that reduces the need for other products. It can help you save space and money when you are outdoors.

The flashlight itself is rather new on the market but has already garnered a decent following. However, many people would like to understand a little more about the features that are offered. This article will allow you to get a better understanding. Now, you can decide whether the ZeroHour Relic XR2 is the ideal option for you.

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ZeroHour Relic XR2 - Technical Features:
  • Up to 2000-lumens of brightness
  • Offers 4 different light modes
  • 3500mAh power bank is built-in
  • USB-C port for rapid charging
  • Mountable on weapons and bikes
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Runtime is 1.2 hours on high, and 100-hours on low
  • 5-feet of impact resistance
  • A Maximum range of 656-yards
  • Weight is only 7.5-ounces (Battery included)

With the ZeroHour Relic XR2 being new, it is common for there to be some skepticism. However, the manufacturer has spent 4.5-years developing the product before it will be released to the market. We have broken down some of the most important features of the ZeroHour Relic XR2, to help you decide if it is worth it.

ZeroHour Relic XR2 Features

ZeroHour Relic XR2 – Lighting Features:

One of the main reasons one would buy a flashlight is to provide you with some light in the dark. The ZeroHour Relic XR2 comes with 4 different lighting modes that have a different impact on battery life. The maximum brightness is 2,000-lumens, allowing it to compete with some of the best brands like Gerber and many others.

However, the 4 modes offer a strobe light that can be used for SOS and a low-light mode to help you preserve the battery. The maximum distance of 646-yards can be reached with the maximum brightness level. However, the lowlight can be adjusted anywhere from 0 to 10-lumens. Additionally, a safety light mode is included in the form of a blinking light that could help to blind potential attackers, while reaching 2000-lumens of power output.

ZeroHour Relic XR2 Design

ZeroHour Relic XR2 – Design And Construction:

The biggest idea behind the design of this flashlight is versatility. Not only is it small enough to fit inside your pocket, but with a battery attached, it will only weigh in at 7.5-ounces. The durable aircraft aluminum casing can take a lot of punishment, including the fact that it resists shock. The shock-resistant feature keeps you protected at around 5-feet.

To further increase the durability, you have a waterproof rating that stands at IPX8. It also comes with numerous adjustment features for additional versatility. One of these adjustment features will enable you to mount it on your mountain bike if you enjoy riding at night. Additionally, your tactical rifle can benefit significantly from an additional light source.

Finally, the unit not only features a small and ergonomic shape, but it is riveted along the aluminum casing to give you grip. These grip holes are comfortable and will keep the unit from slipping out of your hands. The only downside is the lack of a lanyard hole if you want to wrap it around your arm or carry it around your neck.

Rechargeable Feature

ZeroHour Relic XR2 – Rechargeable Feature:

As mentioned, the versatility of the unit is a major aspect that one can benefit from. Not only does it protect you with lighting features and give you light in the dark, but it also doubles down as a power bank. The power bank is becoming more and more important for people, due to the dependence we have formed with technology.

Instead of an older USB port, the USB-C port features prominently in the design. USB-C ports can carry a lot more power and have been a staple for people trying to recharge their devices as fast as possible. The internal battery holds a charge of 3500mAh that can fully charge your iPhone or your Samsung device at least one time.

The unit can be recharged from any USB AC port or any computer or laptop. However, it is hard to determine how long the charging will take. We suspect that it can take a couple of hours to recharge the power bank and the battery of flashlight to its maximum capacity, but it is worth it if you require all these features.

ZeroHour Relic XR2 – Price And Warranty:

Flashlights are found cheaply nowadays due to the explosion of products that have flooded the market. However, not all of them are from reputable developers. The top brands are generally more expensive due to the quality materials and additional features they have in the product. If you consider the ZeroHour Relic XR2, you will note that it is a little expensive. However, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty that will back you up.

ZeroHour Relic XR2

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What We Like:
  • Versatile design
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • You can mount it anywhere
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Waterproof and shockproof
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What We Don't Like:
  • Expensive price

ZeroHour Relic XR2 – Who Should Buy It?

The biggest aim of the manufacturer is to make this flashlight appealing to everyone. It can help you at home and when you are traveling. Instead of having a flashlight and spend a lot of money on a power bank, you now have them combined into one small product. It might be slightly overpriced when we compared it to some of the rivals, but you have a few more features that the others lack.


The outdoors can be a great place to kick back and relax, but for many people, the mere thought of darkness can be terrifying. The new ZeroHour Relic XR2 can be the answer to your prayers with great battery life and the ability to charge your mobile devices. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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