The 10 Best UV Flashlights

The 10 Best UV Flashlights

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A flashlight is an essential item to have in your collection of belongings. After all, if you are camping or even hiking as it gets dark you need to be able to see where you are going. You could even face something as simple as a power failure at home. Candles are useful but a flashlight is more practical.

But the UV flashlight fulfills a different role. There are often referred to as black lights. In fact, they do not give out the black light; the beam they produce is ultraviolet. The human eye is not capable of seeing most ultraviolet lights, however, there is a small part of the UV spectrum that can be seen by the human eye; this is the part which is incorporated into a UV flashlight.

If you look at the UV flashlight you will see a purple haze; it does not seem very powerful. However, this is the light you use if you want to see a hidden list or a wide variety of hidden stains. In fact, the black light flashlight is a powerful light. Turn one on in a dark room and the fact you can see so well is because of the brightness of the ultraviolet flashlight; even if you are unable to see the entire spectrum of light it emits.

In the past, UV flashlights have played an important part in criminal investigations. They can help you to locate and identify a variety of human substances; you only need to watch a crime drama on television to see the power of this tool in forensic specialists hands!

But there are a variety of other uses which could persuade you to purchase an ultraviolet flashlight:

Pet Stains

This can be a real pain in your home. If your pet has urinated in your home but it has dried before you see it then you will know it is there by the smell. But, you won’t be able to see it. This incredibly frustrating and creates an invitation to the animal to repeat their toiletry habits.

A black-light flashlight will allow you to see these stains and any vomit or other bacterial residues. You can then clean it. White vinegar is good to remove the odor.

Hotel Rooms

If you are staying in a hotel it is nice to know it is clean before you settle down for the night. Your ultraviolet flashlight can be used to find urine, semen, wine, beer, body oils and even saliva!


If you live somewhere that is also home to scorpions you may find it useful to have a UV flashlight to hand. These small creatures are almost invisible in normal light but easily seen with a black light flashlight!

Check Your Notes

Most currency notes have security strips in them which are easy to spot with a UV flashlight. A small flashlight will enable you to check any bill. This is particularly useful if you are taking a large amount of cash in payment for something.

Our Selection of the 10 Best UV Flashlights:

There are other uses for these flashlights but for now let’s take a look at the best 10 UV flashlights currently available:

1. TaoTronics 51 Ultraviolet Flashlight

TaoTronics 51 Ultraviolet Flashlight

395 nm
6.9 ounces

The first offering from TaoTronics takes things up a notch. The basic design of this UV flashlight is similar however the slim handle opens into a large head. The reason for this is because there are 51 LEDs in this powerful offering. Once again the TaoTronics name is embedded neatly down the side of the handle; a flash of white against the all black light. The handle is textured to provide the best possible grip and the on / off switch is situated just in front of this; perfectly positioned for your index finger without losing grip of the light.

It is worth noting that TaoTronics are considered to be one of the leading manufacturers in respect of black light flashlights. This example confirms this claim as they have two in our best ten list.

The base of the light unscrews to reveal the standard battery carrier. This blacklight flashlight needs 3 AAA batteries which are supplied with the light; allowing you to test it as soon as you receive it. But that’s not all! This ultraviolet flashlight also comes equipped with a pair of UV sunglasses. These are standard lenses with a yellow, UV tint. The purpose of these is to help you pick out stains and other marks on the surfaces around your home. The glasses work by blocking blue light, which everything seems to be tinged with when using a black light. This allows you to see a bigger contrast between the items which are fluorescent and those which are not; essential separating stains from construction materials.

You might also feel like you are in an episode of CSI or similar! As with all these lights, the frequency of the beam is 395nm’s. It measures 5.75 inches long by 2.2 inches wide, making it larger than most of the other UV flashlights on this list. The weight is 6.9 ounces which is still light enough to easily carry with you when visiting friends, hotels and even public restrooms. Just remember, think carefully before you use it elsewhere; you might not like what you find! The large head makes it quicker to search areas and more likely that you will locate stains.

As always the UV light should be effective on most surfaces, however, the quick start guide which comes with this light will remind you that it does not work with fresh urine; only dried urine. This is a common complaint and one that can be avoided by noting the operating parameters of black lights in general.

This TaoTronics 51 UV flashlight has an impressive 81% of 5-star feedback; from in excess of 1,900 people! One of your biggest regrets when purchasing it might be that it is too good at what it does! Most of the complaints regarding this light revolve around it not doing what it is supposed to. Considering the large amount of positive feedback it seems likely that these issues are either isolated production issues or operator error. Of course, it is impossible to comment on any specific incident. You can purchase this UV flashlight for between $10 and $15 which makes it excellent value for money, particularly as you are getting a free pair of UV glasses with it.

2. Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

390 to 395 nm
10.1 ounces

The second offering on our best UV flashlights list is also black and simple in design. The handle is comfortable and the LED head is much larger than on the TaoTronics offering. This has largely to do with necessity; this black light flashlight has 51 LEDs. The main handle of the light is designed to be anti-slip. After all, you don’t want to drop the light into the urine once you know it’s there! The elegant black handle has the Escolite name and logo imprinted on one side. This is a nice touch as it doesn’t detract from the visual appeal.

This light is waterproof making it a viable accessory for any trip; even if you are hiking in scorpion country at night. The end screws off to reveal the battery compartment. This slides out and takes 3 AA batteries, which are not included in the sale of the flashlight. You should still be able to get it for under $10. However, the fact that it doesn’t arrive with batteries will increase your initial spending.

Turning on and off is easy via the one-touch button located just behind the LED section. This is easy to do; even if you are unable to see your UV flashlight. The Escolite black light flashlight weighs 10.1 ounces, making it light enough to carry with you all the time, providing you have a suitably sized pocket. It operates on 1 volt and offers a frequency of 395nm. This is the same as the TaoTronic but the additional bulbs allow the light to spread further making it a better choice for outside use.

The Escolite arrives with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer and long lifespan warranty. Your flashlight should last for 100,000 hours or more. Of course, it is difficult to track the hours you have had the light on for. The body itself is made from aluminum and coated black, to provide the stylish look. If you are looking for scorpions this is the perfect weapon in your toolbox.

The powerful yet wide beam will illuminate them exceptionally well. In fact some users have reported being able to see scorpions 20 feet away; obviously on a dark night. The only downside is that you might be scared of what you discover when shining this around your home. It is important to remember that while a scorpion is visible and can be dealt with, you will not know what all the stains are that you see with this UV flashlight. Not all of the marks on your floor are hazardous or nasty, even hard water can leave a mark!

This does appear to be very effective. The Escolite UV flashlight scores an impressive 77% 5-star rating on Amazon with 3,113 reviews. If the batteries were included this would be the best value ultraviolet flashlight on this list! Any negative comments seem to rotate round build issues, mainly that the flashlight will turn on and off when it wants to. This is probably a result of the massive numbers being produced; it is advisable to have it replaced by the firm as soon as possible. You will be happy with the replacement product.

3. LE Ultraviolet Flashlight

LE Ultraviolet Flashlight

395 nm
3.53 ounces

Black is always a fashionable color as well as being a discreet one. These flashlights seem to confirm this theory as the offering from LE is also jet black and a similar size and shape to the last two UV flashlights. It measures 3.7 inches long and 1.18 inches wide; matching our first offering perfectly. This is just the right size to slip virtually unnoticed into your hand; allowing you to inspect any room at home, in the hotel or even at a friend’s home.

It is worth noting that inspecting a hotel room and discovering stains on the bed sheets should prompt you to demand a change of sheets from the management. However, some stains are benign and you may not get the response you want from the management. You must be prepared for this before you turn your UV flashlight on. This light weighs just 2.9 ounces, just a fraction more than the TaoTronics. It requires 3 AAA batteries which are included when you purchase it.

As it can also be bought for under $10 this one has the potential to rival the TaoTronics title of the best value for the money. The batteries are easy to fit, the end of this flashlight screws off and a small carriage can be slid out. Simply add the three batteries with the positive and negatives as indicated on the carriage and then slide it back in. Screw the base back into position and test by turning it on. When new it may have a protective cover on this carriage, you will need to remove this to ensure the electricity can flow from the batteries to the LEDs.

Instead of one textured piece, this flashlight has two. They are situated at each end of the ultraviolet flashlight and designed to fit against the palm of your hand and your fingers. This should help to ensure you don’t drop the flashlight when you need it the most. It has 9 LED’s and operates on the same frequency rage, 395nm, as the previous two examples on this list. This flashlight is also IP 44 rated which means you are able to use it in the rain without any issues. The single switch for activating and deactivating the light is mounted on the end of the torch. This might affect the way you hold the flashlight although once you have turned it on you will not generally turn it off in a hurry!

The LE ultraviolet flashlight arrives with a comprehensive 12 month warranty; it has a ROHS Certification to provide you with peace of mind regarding the quality of this product. It can be used to detest gas leaks, water leaks, urine stains, verify Identification documents or confirm currency is genuine. The handy wrist strap will ensure you always have it to hand when you need it. In fact, it will quickly become your favorite personal possession. On use that many people don’t consider and which this type of light is excellent for is shining on clean clothes. You will easily see the amount of soap residue which can cause skin irritations.

This is an excellent UV flashlight with a 67% five star rating on Amazon. The main issues again revolve round poor construction preventing the batteries from connecting properly and allowing the light to flicker. Of course the warranty will cover this and provide you with one which does work properly. This type of issues is inevitable when producing large quantities of products like this. It still represents excellent value for money.

4. Kobra UV 100 Black Light Flashlight

Kobra UV 100 Black Light Flashlight

12 ounces

This blacklight flashlight adopts a slightly different style to the previous entries n this list. Although it still has a slimline black handle, the LED end is much larger than the rest of the light. The handle is textured to ensure you have a comfortable grip and it won’t slip out of your hand. The on / off button is situated just past this grip at the base of the bulbous head. This is actually the perfect place to allow you to flick the light on and off as you need to.

The head is so large because it has 100 LED’, far more than any of the others on this list and part of the reason why this UV flashlight will cost you between $20 and $30. It works on the same frequency, 395nm as the previous offerings but has 18 watts of power. Impressively it still manages to weight just 9.3 ounces.

The flashlight is approximately 8 inches long by just less than 2 inches wide. However, the large head is approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. This makes it a little harder to carry the light discreetly in your hand. The beam of this light in the dark should carry 25 feet and be roughly 8 feet wide. This is impressive by any standards and makes it the most powerful black light flashlight on this list. Of course, all this power requires additional batteries; the Kobra requires 6 AA batteries to provide this huge beam of light. These can be fitted by unscrewing the rear end and sliding out the battery carrier. Simply insert the batteries, paying attention to the correct polarity, and then slide the carriage back in and screw the base back on. You will need to purchase batteries separately as they do not come with this light.

The flashlight itself is made from machined aluminum and is designed to be waterproof as well as shockproof. The bulbs should last for 100,000 hours; that’s a lot of stain searching! Your average set of batteries will last 20 hours; you will need to change them a few times in the lifetime of this light. This is one UV flashlight which is used by many law enforcement agencies and forensic teams around the world. Kobra offers a 1-year money back guarantee. They will refund your money if you have any issues with this ultraviolet flashlight within the first 12 months of ownership. This is how confident they are in their own product. Although there are only currently 259 reviews on Amazon, 88% of these are at 4 stars and above, that’s impressive by any standards.

The main issues associated with this flashlight seem to revolve round inadequate light or a failure to pick up urine. Assuming that these are stains and not fresh these are items which would be covered by the comprehensive 12-month money back guarantee. As the majority of people find this to be an extremely powerful and useful ultraviolet flashlight it is fair to state that, apart from a few isolated cases, this is the most powerful backlight on the list and an effective tool in your arsenal against stains and animal waste.

5. VICOUP Black Light UV Flashlight 


VICOUP Black Light UV Flashlight

4 ounces

The VICOUP is a direct competitor to the earlier examples of the ultraviolet flashlight. It is slim, black and has the name and logo emblazoned near the base of the light. There is a small amount of textured metal to improve grip, this is in two separate circles. One of these is very slim and near the base of the light while the other is approximately the same width as your thumb and runs round the middle of this UV flashlight. The light itself is the smallest in this selection. Its length is a standard 4.4 inches but the width is an impressive 1.4. You could easily carry this with you in a pocket, your handbag or just n your hand; without anyone noticing. To illustrate how small this is it is two thirds the length of an iPhone 6 and less than half the width, although considerably deeper.

The light takes 3 AAA batteries which are fitted by unscrewing the base of the flashlight. These fit into the dedicated battery carriage which slides in and out. Batteries are supplied with the light. This design style is very common with all types of flashlights. The base also incorporates the on and off switch. This is just one soft, textured button which you will probably find easiest to utilize with your thumb while holding the light. The body of the flashlight is made from extremely light aluminum; in fact this ultraviolet flashlight weighs 4.8 ounces. This might not be the lightest on this list but it is heavy enough to feel solid in your hand.

You will find 12 LED’s positioned in the front of the light which should last 12 years! The light frequency is standard, 395nm’s and you will find a convenient 60 day money back guarantee; this is long enough to confirm that it works as expected. This is another ultraviolet flashlight that can be purchased for under $12. You will also benefit from the standard 1 year warranty to deal with any issues you might have. Reviews from users are very favorable. You will see a 75% satisfaction rate of 5 stars and a further 11% of users have given it 4 stars. The main issues noted with the product are that it was ready to explode and it doesn’t work. However, the batteries exploding, appears to be an isolated occurrence and is potentially linked with incorrect battery usage.

There are the usual issues with the light not doing what it is supposed to but it is important to remember that all black lights are only effective on dried stains and they will pick up fluorescent threads. If these are already in your carpet it will be very difficult to spot and stains. These issues should not put you off purchasing the VICOUP black light flashlight but they do prevent it from adopting the best value for money position on this list. What is interesting is that the reviews reflect a love or hate relationship. There are very few people who give it 2 or 3 stars, it is 1 or 4 / 5; confirming that the issues are isolated cases which can be adequately handled by the manufacturer.

6. TaoTronics UV Flashlight

TaoTronics UV Flashlight

2.4 ounces

At first glance this stylish black UV flashlight looks much the same as any other flashlight. The logo is stenciled ionthe side of the light and the handle is textured to ensure a good grip no matter what else you are doing.

The flashlight measures 3.74 inches long with a diameter or 1.18 inches. This makes it perfect for carrying with you. You can easily slip it into a pocket or even attach it to your wrist using the wrist strap which comes with it. The flashlight weighs just 2.4 ounces and has 12 LED’s.

This is a spot flashlight providing a good beam and allowing you to locate stains in low light without needing to hold the ultraviolet flashlight too close to the object. The actual output of the light is 395nm wavelength. You will need 3 AAA batteries for this light; one set comes with it which should give you 5 hours of use. Of course it is always useful to have spare batteries handy. The fact that you should be able to purchase this black light flashlight for under $10 makes it an even more attractive prospect.

The light will pick up pet urine, and other animal deposits. You can also use it to locate food stain, check that an ID document is real and even verify notes; although this will not work with the latest $100 bill.

It is worth noting that as a spot light it will work best when the room is dark. You should also be aware that this particular model is not very effective at picking up cat urine and any stain on a dark carpet will be difficult to spot as it will blend in better to the natural pigmentation of the carpet. Interestingly this flashlight can help you to locate racks and breaks in pottery, even if someone has glued them back together and it is not visible to the human eye in normal light!

This flashlight is not waterproof; you must store it in the right place if you are taking it with you. It is also not a toy for children to play with. You should never shine a black light flashlight into someone’s eyes; it can cause serious damage to eyesight. This ultraviolet flashlight provides a concentrated beam of light to ensure any stains visible to its spectrum are shown without you needing to get too close.

Considering the price of this ultraviolet flashlight this is potentially the best value on the list. The reviews from people that have already purchased this item are extremely favorable. In fact 73% of the 3730 people who have purchased this on Amazon give it a five star rating. The majority of the negative comments focus on technical issues or unrealistic expectations. As the guidelines that come with this flashlight will state, it works with dry urine and not wet. It is also not very good at spotting cat urine; hence the best value for the money but not the best UV flashlight on the list.


7. Findway 5 UV Ultraviolet Flashlight

Findway 5 UV Ultraviolet Flashlight

6.7 ounces

The Findway UV flashlight is black with a thick band of textured metal at each end of the light. This is designed to ensure your grip remains secure even when you frighten yourself by seeing how many stains are present in your home, hotel room or public restroom. In fact, this light is very good at showing scorpions; if you live in a scorpion area then you might be surprised at how many are near your home at night.

The Findway is compact, it measures 3.6 inches long and just 1 inch wide, rivaling the offering from LE on this list. It has 9 LED’s set into the head of the light and produces a powerful beam with just 3 AAA batteries. These are not supplied with the torch. However, for between $10 and $15 you will get 5 of these ultraviolet flashlights. This makes them the cheapest backlight on this list, although you do need to buy the set! It is even possible to lower this price if you buy larger quantities.

The batteries are fitted by unscrewing the base of the light to reveal the battery carriage. This slides out and allows you to insert the batteries, making sure you observe their polarities as you do so. The power button is located on the base, ensuring it can only be turned on when the batteries are correctly fitted. The flashlight is made from aluminum alloy and weighs a respectable 6.7 ounces for all 5! It also incorporates a handy belt clip which will enable you to clip it onto your pocket, bag or any other item you can think of.

As it looks like a standard flashlight no one needs to know that you are actually inspecting the cleanliness of their home or workplace. Professionals who need UV flashlights to verify identification will find this pack of 5 lights exceptionally useful; there will always be one to hand. It is worth noting that although this flashlight is splash resistant it is not waterproof, you should not submerge it in water!

This product is good value but not the best on the list as it only gains a 5 star rating from 57% of use. One of the biggest issues seems to revolve round dropping the light which then dislodges the wiring and prevents it from working properly. This is an issue which needs to be addressed however, considering the price of this product a little care and attention can help to ensure they work when you need them to.  

In general the quality of the product is better than satisfactory and should provide you with a good insight into the number of stains which are located round your home. There are guaranteed to be more than you realize! There is no doubt that these are the cheapest on this list and probably the cheapest you will be able to purchase a new ultraviolet flashlight for. Even if only 3 of your 5 work, you will have saved money and have a useful product to help you keep your house clean.

8. Morpilot 12 UV Flashlight

Morpilot 12 UV Flashlight

0.8 ounces

Surprisingly the ultraviolet backlight offered by Morpilot is black; this is definitely a common trait on these types of light. This flashlight can be purchased for under $10 which is another common trait with this type of light and puts it in direct competition with most of the other UV flashlights on this list! The light follows the standard format, a cylindrical back tube with the name embossed horizontally across it in white. The lower half of the light is textured to ensure you have a good grip even when your hand starts to shake with fear of what you have discovered. This is a very effective light when looking for urine stains, checking identifications and currencies, or looking for scorpions.

The Morpilot ultraviolet flashlight is 3.78 inches long by 1.18 inches wide. It has 12 LED’s in the head to provide a good level of illumination. The darker the room the easier you will find it to see urine stains and other marks which should be on your surfaces; your dog might be in a lot of trouble! The flashlight is extremely lightweight, weighing just 1.8 ounces; you will hardly notice it in your hand or your pocket. It requires 3 AAA batteries to power it; again these are entered through the base of the light. Simply unscrew it and remove the battery holder. The three batteries should be placed inside in opposing directions, there is a guide to show you which way round each battery should go. Slide the holder back in and carefully screw the base back on to allow the flashlight to work.

You should never try to take the head of this unit apart as you are likely to damage the LED’s and could distort the beam of light. It is possible that long-term exposure to UV light, directly into your eyes, can cause problems in the long term.  It operates at the standard frequency of 395nm and will illuminate all the stains within your home. This flashlight is made of durable aluminum which enables it to be both light and strong. The beam is sufficient that you will be able to pick out any stain on the floor without having to bend. Equally, this flashlight is effective when used on the curtains, work surfaces or even the furniture in your home. Food stains can be just as much of an issue as animal urine.

Out of 121 reviews on Amazon, there are 77% who are happy to give it 5 stars and another 16% who give it 4 stars.  A joint score of 93% above 4 stars is very impressive and the best on this list. The fact that it can also be purchased for under $10 makes it a contender for the best value award. The main issues with this UV flashlight seem to be that nothing was visible in the home. If this is the case then congratulations to this user, they have an exceptionally clean home! There are so few negative comments that you can feel safe purchasing this item and discover what mess has really been left in your home and that of your friends. You won’t want to put it down once you have started using it.

9. YOUTHINK UV Blacklight Flashlight 


UV Blacklight Flashlight Super Bright 100 LED 18W 395nm Portable Blacklight Ultraviolet Detector

11.2 ounces

The next entry in our top ten UV flashlights list is the powerful YOUTHINK. Unsurprisingly this is a black UV flashlight. It is the second offering in the list which has 100 LED’s creating significantly more power than the standard 9 or 12 LED offerings. As usual, it operates on the 395nm frequency. It offers 18 watts of power and the beam is supposed to be effective at 50 feet, potentially making it the most powerful UV flashlight in this list. Each one of the LED’s is designed to last for approximately 12 years making this is a durable and cost-effective investment. The light itself is made of an aluminum alloy which is both strong and light. Unusually for this type of light, it unscrews more like a conventional flashlight.

The body separates from the head just below the neck revealing an opening to slide your battery carrier out of. In fact, there are two carriers and both need 3 AA batteries in them, creating a total of 6 batteries to power this powerful black light flashlight. Slide the carriers back in and screw the head and body back together and your light is ready to go! You will appreciate the handy hole on the bottom of the light which allows you to fasten a wrist strap onto your flashlight. This, coupled with the textured anti-slip material coating the light will help to ensure it stays in your hand, no matter what horrors you see.

The YOUTHINK UV flashlight is 8 inches long, making it the biggest in this collection, the head measures 3 inches and the main body a little under 2 inches. This is comfortable to hold and will not be lost easily. However, it is not one that you can slide into your pocket without anyone noticing! It weighs a reasonable 12 ounces and runs on 18 watts; hence the power and length of its beam. You should be able to spot any stain almost effortlessly providing you wait for it to be semi-dark. As well as stains, fake money and scorpions this black light flashlight can actually help you to tell whether your jewelry is genuine or not.

The flashlight is also built with O-rings in the joins. You must ensure these are in place correctly when you screw your light back together. It is these seals which enable the flashlight to be waterproof, not just splash proof. This product can be purchased for less than $20 making it excellent value for money considering the brightness of the light. Of course, for general use, you will probably be happy with the lower powered models, which is why this does not take the top spot. However, it is a strong contender and a UV flashlight that will meet your needs perfectly.

This has one of the best review ratings of all the UV flashlights on this list. Although there have only been 10 reviews on Amazon, 90% of them agreed that it deserved a 5-star rating with another 10% giving it a 4-star rating. This leaves just two people unsatisfied with the product at this stage. One complains they are unable to put it together through lack of instruction and the other simply states it doesn’t work. Considering there are  people who think the product is fantastic it is likely to be a solid purchase and one that will both amuse and alarm you.

10. FoxNov 12 Ultraviolet Flashlight

FoxNov 12 Ultraviolet Flashlight

3.17 ounces

This black, cylindrical shaped flashlight has two strips of textured metal to provide an anti-slip grip area. One band is around the middle of the flashlight and the other is at the base. This is the section that unscrews to allow you to add the 3 AAA batteries; which are included with your purchase.  As usual, the batteries are held in a carrier and must be fitted the correct way round to ensure the light works correctly. The FoxNov UV flashlight is 3.74 inches long and 1.02 inches wide at the base; this is where the on / off switch is located. You will find this easy to operate with your thumb while holding the flashlight. The LED head is fractionally wider at 1.18 inches; it needs to be this wide to accommodate the 12 LEDs.

This UV flashlight is approved to CE standards and by the RoHS. You can purchase it for less than $10 and it arrives with batteries; simply slot them in and start using it. It does have a loop in the base which will allow you to connect string. This can be to secure it to your wrist, bag or simply to help make sure you don’t lose it. The UV light will show up urine stains, scorpions, food stains, body products and even allow you to verify that your money is genuine. It weighs 3.2 ounces and is made from aluminum.

One set of batteries should last for approximately 5 hours while the LED’s should last for approximately 100,000 hours! Purchasing this ultraviolet flashlight will also allow you to take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the flashlight for any reason and return it to them in good condition they will simply refund your money. In addition, there is a standard 1-year warranty to deal with any issues you might have when using the flashlight.

It is worth noting that the flashlight is well designed, the on / off button is recessed into the base to prevent you accidentally turning it on or off whilst moving around. The flashlight is small enough to be carried with you at all times.

This ultraviolet flashlight will help you to locate al the animal trails and behavior that you can’t see normally. It will help you to remove unwanted pests and study where your own animals are moving around when you’re not there. The reviews of this product are generally very favorable. Out of 75 people, 72% give the FoxNov black light flashlight a 5-star rating and just 6 give it 1 star. The general issue is that it doesn’t work properly. However, with so many pleased customers it is difficult to see how these incidents can be anything but isolated occurrences.

It is important to remember that these types of products work best in darker conditions, with lighter carpets and only with dried urine, not wet. If you attempt to see wet urine it will show you nothing as it needs to dry to allow the phosphorous and salt to shine in the light; in liquid form, this is simply not possible.


Your Guide To Buying The Right UV Flashlight

Before you can purchase the right UV flashlight it is important to understand what nm is and how it affects the light you purchase. Nm is short for nanometers. Ultraviolet light, or ultraviolet radiation as it is also known, covers the range from 10nm’s to 400nm’s. It can be broken down into specific segments:

Ultraviolet A – this covers the range 315 – 400nm’s. It is known as long wave UV and is not absorbed by the ozone layer.

Ultraviolet B is medium wave and covers 280 – 315nm’s. The majority f this is absorbed by the ozone layer.

Ultraviolet C covers the range 100 – 280nms. This is short wave and is completely absorbed by the ozone layer.

You can discover more about the entire range here.

The only range that humans are able to see is the top part of the long range; hence why an ultraviolet flashlight should be within the top end of this range. All the UV flashlights on this list are rated at 395nm’s as this will allow you to see the stains while maximizing the efficiency of the light and life of the batteries.

There are several other factors you should consider before committing to a specific UB flashlight:


Most of the flashlights on this list are small, approximately 4 inches long. This means they are very easy to carry with you. However, you may prefer to have a larger UV flashlight as it is much more difficult to lose! The size of your hand and the position of the grip on the flashlight can also influence the best size of flashlight for you.

Most of the flashlights in this collection have wrist straps, this is a valuable addition as it will prevent you dropping the light and potentially breaking it.


It is quite possible to purchase a black light flashlight for under $10. In fact this is probably you preferred price range as you can afford to damage or lose it without breaking the bank. However, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does carry some weight.

The more expensive UV flashlights will have more power and will generally be robust enough to survive drops and bangs; which the cheaper ones may not survive.

It is unlikely that you need to create a budget for your purchase even the most expensive UV flashlights on this list can be had for less than $30. However, it is worth considering how much you wish to spend as this will assist you in making your decision.


The more powerful your ultraviolet flashlight is the easier it will be to see stains or scorpions. Of course more powerful lights will be more expensive and use more battery power. It is common for the black light flashlights with 100 LED’s to use 6 AA batteries while the lights with just 12 LED’s can perform adequately with just 3 AAA batteries.

This might not make much difference if you only use your black light flashlight occasionally but if you are using it every night then your batteries will quickly drain. Purchasing batteries every few days will quickly increase the cost of using your UV flashlight.

It is possible to opt for the mid-range UV flashlight and choose a light which has 51 LED’s, such as the TaoTronics 51 and potentially get the best of both worlds. The real question is how much power do you need?

Intended Use

Perhaps the most relevant important part of your decision is to consider what you are planning to use the ultraviolet flashlight for.

For example you might wish to opt for the most powerful option if you are hoping to see scorpions in your backyard. Just be warned, you might be surprised how many are actually there!

Or, if you wish to check your hotel room before you stay you may find that a smaller, less powerful black light flashlight is the right answer. This will be more discreet when you arrive at the hotel.

Once you consider your intended use you will be able to narrow your search parameters to the more powerful or less powerful options.


Almost every UV flashlight in this list has a wrist strap; this ensures you can easily carry it and, perhaps more importantly, avoid dropping your light. This is perhaps the most practical way to carry your ultraviolet flashlight.

However there are some which come with belt clips; this can be an effective way to carry your light and is worth considering. There is no correct answer to the most convenient ultraviolet flashlight; it is simply the one that will fit your needs best.


You must consider the reputation of the UV flashlight you are intending on purchasing. The better known brands are more likely to supply a quality light. They are also the ones which should have the better customer service and support if you need it.

One of the best ways to verify the reputation of a UV flashlight is to check the website of the manufacturer and see what positive reviews have been left on the site. In addition it is worth checking Amazon and other social media sites to see what people who have purchased the UV flashlight think of the product. You are likely to have honest opinions through these types of sites as there is no reason to restrict the comments. Of course, there will always be some customers who are not happy with their purchase. Before you accept their opinion and base your decision on what they have said it is important to look at the general consensus. This will tell you how good the ultraviolet light really is.

It is also worth considering what the flashlight is made from. All the ones which made this top 10 UV flashlight lists are made from aluminum which ensures they are tough enough to be carried with you and can even survive being dropped. However some lights are made from plastic. You need to decide if this is the right material for your needs. In general plastic flashlights will be damaged easier; ruining your investment.


A UV flashlight can help to ensure you have a clean home. As well as being a fun item it has a practical and serious benefit. Whether you have animas or not you will be surprised at just how much dirt is present in your home that is not visible to the human eye.

It is important to consider your options before you decide which UV flashlight is the right one for your needs. One factor that has been mentioned but can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of you black light flashlight is the radius of the beam. In general the more LED’s you have in the light the larger the head of the light needs to be and the wider your beam of light will be. However, to be effective this must be coupled with enough high quality batteries. This will help you to cover any space much faster than with a lower powered flashlight.

However, if you are dealing with smaller items such as washing powder residual on clothes or even dried cat urine you may prefer to use a smaller radius light. Of course, the larger the radius the brighter the beam will be when used in close quarters. This can help if the space is exceptionally dark but can also confuse the issue if there are too many other items which will also be picked up by the light; such as fluorescent strips in the carpet.

A UV flashlight is an essential item for every home. In fact you may prefer to have several options available. Select your preferred one from this list and order a UV flashlight today!

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