The 10 Best Holographic Sights

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So you have a great hunting weapon and you are looking for a new scope or sight? You might need to look for a sight that will set you apart from the rest of the competition and nothing can do this better than a holographic sight. Being part of a trio of gun sights that makes use of red dots or reflex actions, these sights have been growing in popularity.

The best holographic sight is designed for most weapons. Not only has it been made for hunting rifles, but the trusty AR-15 assault rifles can also use these sights in areas where you are permitted to use them. They are a cut above the rest, and since I love having complete accuracy in weapons, the best holographic sight selecting has helped me understand a little more.

EOTECH HHS 11 Holographic hybrid sight

EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight

EOTech is a known and reputable brand when it comes to holographic sights and this one is no exception. You can’t really ask for more.

With so many brands and top sights available on the market today, it can be a daunting task to find the right one for your needs or weapon. This is where we have stepped into the fray, helping you make the right decision to ensure the sights you choose for your specific rifles or weapon will work as it is intended, and make your life easier.

Having spent hours doing intricate research, and looking at some of the many top sights available, the holographic sight is certainly one that stood out. However, we wanted to understand a little more and this is what you will find in our buyer’s guide. You can find some interesting facts, as well as the key features that you need to look for when buying one.

Many of the sights that we have selected are not specifically holographic. The holographic sight patent is actually held by EOTech after designing their first holographic sight in 1995. However, many of the other sights on this list can also be used for your rifles. They will serve as replacements or possible alternatives. It is worth mentioning a few of them are also cheaper.

Our Selection of the Best Holographic Sights

In any optic related topic, the informative part can be discussed for hours on end. There are so many features and new technology to rant about, but the sights themselves get little attention. Before we dive into these special features, we have decided to give the sights a look at first. This will help you make the right decision, next time you upgrade or buy a new sight.

1. EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight

  • Power Source: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Weight:
    22.4 oz
  • Dimensions:
    7.70 x 2.30 x 3.30″


EOTech is on is one of those brands that will immediately draw out your attention and give you the ability to start moving up the ladder in the world of tactical shooting. The design of their coveted EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight is one of the revolutionary holographic sights to ever make it to the light of day.

Aircraft-grade aluminum has been used for the bulk of the design and this gives it an added edge when we are looking at the overall durability. Not only this, but it also functions much like other features made from this material, giving it a sense of indestructibility when you actually look after the sight. It is worth noting that it is shockproof and water-resistant.

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The sights are not large either and they work with most tactical weapons. Having the quick detach feature, they don’t take up too much space on your weaver rail. An outer reticle with 68 MOA, gives users a ton of adjustments that can be made. However, the 1 MOA red dot is sufficient to ensure you don’t need to make many modifications on the sights.

One of the best additions to your kit will be the added G33.STS magnifier. Combine this with 3X magnification and you have almost anything up close. Testing the sights, we have found that the field of view is unlimited. However, this is completely thanks to the openness of the overall design and the look that you have when carrying it along.

Since battery life will be important to keep all of these features working, users have a 123 lithium-ion battery that is added to the sights. This battery is made to ensure that you have up to 600 hours of continuous use of the scope. However, it will drop down a little more as the heat is rising up and you need to hunt in the middle of the day.

The special feature that stood out for me is the fact that the sights actually allow the user to adjust them by hand. There are no special tools needed to make them work efficiently and this has helped people on the go. As a tactical shooter, I prefer running around and making up all of the changes as I go along to save me some time.

If we start looking at the optics, it has one key element that any shooter loves. This is the ability to block out some glare. Since it is glare resistant, you don’t need to worry about your angles you are shooting towards. 30n different brightness settings give the user more versatility and custom options to play with depending on what the weather brings.

This seems all good and fine, but most tactical rifles are heavy. Having the added weight of this sight can be a daunting task for someone to carry or use over prolonged distances. The upside to this is the quick-release and you can almost strip it bare of the features that you won’t be needing when you are busy and need some more maneuverability.

Since it is rated highly and a sought after scope, you can expect it to be a little pricey as well. This was the biggest issue for me. Yes, the additional magnifier and ease of use are great, but unless you are an active tactical shooter, you might not need to spend so much money. If you are a professional, this will be one of the top holographic sights to choose.

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  • Trusted brand
  • Build Quality
  • Shockproof & Water-Resistant
  • Battery Life

2.Holosun HS510C Sight

Holosun Holographic sight

Power Source
CR2032 Battery
4.8 x 3.6 x 3.1-inches

If you love reflex sights with a little more flare and the ability to get the job done a little faster, the Holosun HS510C Sight is the ideal option for you. It has been constructed from the same top quality aircraft grade aluminum, but with a weight of just over 8-ounces, it definitely makes it worth your while when you need to keep the weight down.

Since this is more of a reflex sight, it will allow the shooter to acquire the target in the least amount of time. The outer reticle also gives you up to 65 MOA, with an inner 2 MOA dot that can be adjusted. You can also change how and in which combination you would like all of these features to work without actually doing too much specific to the sights or using tools.

The CR2032 battery is not a lithium-ion battery, but it does give a lot of benefits and features to many of the top shooters. It has a massive life and if you use the red dot, you can get up to 50,000-hours of use. However, the outer reticle with the red dot will only give you 20,000-hours of use. Fortunately, these batteries are easy to find and replace once you are done.

As I have already stated, the first appearance of it seems really durable, especially with aircraft-grade aluminum being used. You should also note that a rubber coating is added, not for the aluminum, but to protect the lenses. The combination of this will make it shock resistant when you have dropped it or if the weapon slips.

Talking about weapons slipping, the Holosun HS510C Sight is zeroed at 50-yards on most tactical rifles directly out of the box. You might need to play around with it depending on your range and the intended purposes you have. However, it should keep this zeroed feature when it falls as well, ensuring you the maximum overall durability.

Imagine yourself in close combat at the course, or simply running by targets and missing many of them. This has happened to many of us when we are training. However, the unlimited field of view that these sights offer will make it impossible for you to miss anything. You can see what is in front of you, allowing it to be used for military-grade operations as well.

If mounting was one of your concerns, the QD mounting has a quick release feature, enabling the user to mount the sight to the rail in the least possible time. It can also be detached for specific situations or those combat courses that might feel a little frustrating for users who have a gun in their faces all of the time.

In my honest opinion, I had to do a lot of digging to find something wrong with this sight. The only downside will come down to your matter of perception and if you use it. The sights work best with great lighting and they are a little dependant on this. Since there are no night sights, they have a lacking in one special tactical area if you do night shooting.

It is an affordable option with a load of different settings and features. If the lighting is on your side, the 12 different levels of adjustment will make a huge difference. I like the reflex design and lighter weight. It is most certainly an excellent option at a great price for someone who is looking for an affordable holographic sight for their tactical weapon.

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3 .GOHIKING Tactical Multi Optical Coated Holographic Sight

GOHIKING Tactical MULTI Optical Holographic sight

Power Source
CR 2032 Battery
3.20 x 2.10 x 2-inches

If you are new to the game, you don’t need an expensive brand to break the bank. Why not consider an affordable option that will get you started. The GOHIKING Tactical Multi Optical Coated Holographic Sight. Another one of the reflex sight options on this list, it has been constructed for durability and will last you a while.

Talking about durability, the materials used for this sight can actually withstand a decent amount of water and a rain shower. It will hold up if the scope is dropped as well. However, you are advised to zero it back in to ensure you are on point and not to make bad shots that could be due to a scope that has been adjusted from an accidental fall.

As you continue reading this article, you will find the name Weaver to pop up quite often. The expert should already understand that it refers to the rail and the mounting of the sights, but a Weaver rail is simply easier to mount something or take it off. Fortunately, this unit has an integral Weaver-Picatinny Rail Base, allowing the mounting process to be swift and efficient.

Doing my research, I did have somewhat of a hard time digging through the MOA of this weapon. However, I can clearly state that it is powered by a top-notch CR2032 battery with the capacity to give it life for a staggering 50,000-hours. If not in use, the unit tends to shut-off to save on the battery for the next time you use it.

We don’t really get too deep into the reticles and the dots, but for the GOHIKING Tactical Multi Optical Coated Holographic Sight, you have all the versatility in the palms of your hand. Not only does it include 4 different patterns that will make your life easier, but you can choose between red or green. I have found the green a little more effective at night and even the SEALS like to use green laser for night combat.

Not much is special when we look at these sights and it has not been designed to blow your mind. When I hold it in my hand, the lightweight feels comfortable, making it almost impossible to feel if you have a heavy high-caliber weapon. The sights are made to get the job done and to make it possible for almost any user to get into reflex sights.

If you went through the first reviews, you should understand that the field of view on reflex sights are unlimited. I do understand that this is indicated on the packaging, but unlike your normal hunting scope, you won’t have your eye smashed against the lens. Basically, your field of view will come down to your own vision, which is the case with the GOHIKING Tactical Multi Optical Coated Holographic Sight.

Since the brand has not really stepped up to be an elite brand, the price is affordable enough for most people to start looking into it. I believe that you can pick it up for the right price for most of your weapons and get the job done. The limited 12-month warranty might be enough to give some users the peace of mind to give the GOHIKING Tactical Holographic Sight a try.

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4.EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Game Camera Sight

EOTech holographic sight

Power Source
CR123 and Lithium-ion
5.4 x 2 x 2.25-inches

The name of the brand already precedes the brand and the quality of their products have a way of speaking for themselves. However, I had to give the EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Game Camera a fair look to see if it does stack up as well as many people believe. Many rates it as the best, but we can now have a look to see

While we all know that the body of the sights has been constructed for durability, it is great to see the lenses are shatterproof. The combination of aircraft grade aluminum with a rubber coating will mix with the lamination on the lenses. Now you can bump or drop it from short distances and the consequences you pay will not be as much.

The sight is not only shockproof, but these lenses will help to keep the glare from continuously belting down in your face. Where many of the other top holographic sights lack, this one will stand up to the challenge. Night vision is one of those features that you don’t think you need until you have it and see the difference it makes.

Since all of this technology will need some kind of incredible power source, EOTech has efficiently added a lithium-ion battery. The battery has been built-in and they replace it as part of their warranty once it does give in. However, you can also use standard AA batteries to keep it powered while you are saving the lithium-ion for rainy days.

The other feature that many people have been looking for is adjustment possibilities. Fortunately, these sights can be adjusted with a massive MOA feature that will ensure you have some great versatility on the outer reticle. The inner dot only has an adjustment of 1 MOA, which is still enough for a holographic scope that does not really need many adjustments.

Target Acquisition is not something you see in real life. If you love video games, you will; notice the target easily being acquired. However, the company has tried its best to incorporate this technology into the sight. The sight should be functional and versatile to ensure that you can easily manage all those tricky courses.

It is virtually impossible to find something wrong with the EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Game Camera Sight. It has all the features needed for any tactical rifle and the mounting does not take too much additional work. However, you do need to bear in mind that many fakes are floating around out there and this has had a few people scared off a wee bit.

If you are buying the real one, you will know it immediately. These sights are really expensive and will probably break your budget if you are not someone who does it often. They are protected by a 10-year limited warranty, which includes the lithium-ion battery that many people are worried about. I love it and many professionals will also give it a thumbs-up.

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5. Soly Mini Reflex Sight

Soly Holographic Sight


Power Source
CR123 Battery
5.4 x 2 x 2.25-inches

Looking at another brand that has not really made it as one of the top options, we have a mini sight. The Mini Reflex Sight from Soly is another one of these skeptical options that I had to test before actually giving an opinion. As you would expect, aircraft grade aluminum is the material of choice to ensure that you have durability.

While they might have called it a mini reflex sight, it is a little longer than some of the others. The with is around the average size and it should fit your Picatinny rail without any issues, we have seen it on the 7-inch rails, having it fit with comfort and still looking like one of the most professional options that I have ever used on tactical rifles.

The reticle can be illuminated by either a red or green color. As we have stated, the green is effective at night, but since these sights don’t have any night vision or any lighting for the night, they will rely on the ambient light projected from around you. Users can only adjust the brightness a little to accommodate them more.

Since the information is limited, the sight itself is rather basic. Having a great design and giving the user the ability to make some of the adjustments without the need for specialized tools, they will definitely get some of the best value for their money. Once on the weapon, it looks professional, with just under 14-ounces being light enough to move around rapidly.

The field of view is nearly impeccable and when you start looking around, you will see all the target that you are aiming for. I found the battery to power the red do enough to see it crystal clear during the day, and to center the weapon a little faster. However, you might still need to spend some time to ensure you have it zeroed in at the right angles and distances.

The biggest issue I have is the batteries. I do understand the CR123 batteries are similar to your standard AA batteries, but they don’t last. They might be readily available, but I don’t like constantly having to change them. Fortunately, this unit will shut itself off when not in use and ensure that you can still save some battery life for later use.

With the price being so affordable, it is one of the sights that almost everyone should look into buying. Unfortunately, this is not a real holographic sight, but mostly a reflex sight. Still, it gives you a ton of value for your money and it is widely recommended by many of the gun experts that I have consulted for beginners on tactical courses.

Available at:

6. Dagger Defense DD102R Red Dot Reflex Sight Scope


Power Source
CR 2032 Battery
4.7 x 3.6 x 2.6-inches

Another intriguing option that can closely compare to the holographic sight is the Dagger Defense DD102R Red Dot Reflex Sight Scope. Being just over 8-ounces, it is one of the best reflex scopes when you are looking at the weight. This lower weight makes it an effective option for tactical shooters that like to constantly be on the move.

The sights have a red dot with a reticle to ensure you can choose or even alternate to right one for your needs. This red dot reticle is available in 4 different patterns, adding some customizability to the user to make it better for them when they need to choose something different in each of the various conditions they are shooting.

Since I have seen a couple of people worry too much about the mounting, we have tried it on a standard Picatinny rail. This rail has been fitted to perfection with these sights and since many rifles already have it included, it will limit the modifications needed. It is a little bit of drag to mount with some of these special tools you will require.

A standard CR2032 battery is the main source of power, giving the sights a little more versatility and ensuring that you have more time. In normal lighting, they will give you a battery life of almost 50,000-hours. However, this is debatable and many people do not feel the same about the battery life; My bottom line is that it will last longer than most.

Having adjustability of 5 MOA, the sights give you some versatility. It might not be the same as a real holographic sight, but once you understand the exact concept and where the gun has been zeroed, it should not be that much of an issue for users. These adjustment features to make a huge difference when we look at the complexity of many tactical courses.

One of the common issues that you will find is that it blurs a little. However, the company has released a statement and advised users that this could be due to the battery. Even when the batty is new, it can often happen, but you should not panic. You can remove the battery and reinsert it. Have some patience to wait around 5-minutes and everything will be cleared up in a flash.

Brightness might be an issue for some people, but I like to put emphasis on the ambient light around you. The unit comes with 7 brightness settings, which should be more than enough for the right conditions. As I have mentioned, the previous battery problem might be one of the issues as well, but this will eventually resolve itself.

Thankfully, we picked it up for a bargain, and the sights are still fairly affordable for anyone to use. It takes a little bit of time to play around with the mounting, but just let an expert help you and you are ready in minutes. It is not ideal for night use, but for tactical beginners, the sights will be just around perfect for almost any conditions and courses.

Available at: 

7. EOTech XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

Eotech Sight

Power Source
CR123 Batteries
3.8 x 2.1 x 2.5-inches

The brand with the patent and the brand that everyone is looking for makes another appearance on our list. This time, we had one of their best in the EOTech XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight. Made from 6061 aluminum, it is still one of the ultimate options when you need durability and functionality, but the lighter weight to keep you going.

The sights are fairly smaller than most of the others and they mount sufficiently well on the Weaver Picatinny rail. It does not take too much time and without the help of an expert, we had it done in just a couple of minutes on the AR-15. All of this was done in a matter of minutes with eagerness to get out and test them.

Since these sights are battery powered like the others, they have the holographic feature. This holographic feature will give you an outer retile, with a red dot in the center. The adjustment for the outer reticle is a massive 68 MOA, while the inner dot will be almost fixed at 1 MOA, but move with the target as you or it is moving around.

With some of the other options, I had to do some changes and modifications when lighting did not really meet all of my needs. However, the EOTech XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight mounted to an AR-15 worked virtually perfect in all lighting. It has 20 different brightness settings, allowing you to make it comfortable for your own eyes.

A 7.3-degree field of view at 100-yards is what you can expect once you start looking directly into the sights. However, we never really put our eyes too close to these sights like we would with a normal Bushnell scope on a hunting rifle. This means you almost have a complete field of view and you can see everything around you without worrying about losing your target.

If we look at some of the more common technology that is included, we find that it comes with a sensor. The sensor does not do much, aside from saving you some battery life. It will sense when the unit is being used and turn it off accordingly. You can get a little more from your batteries by having this included in the sights.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. This sight comes close to being one of the best that I have seen from EOTech, but the XPS2 needs CR123 batteries to work. These standard batteries are included upon your purchase, but you can imagine how quickly they will drain with all these high-tech features. These high-tech features could have been helped with a decent lithium-ion battery.

EOTech is renowned for the holographic sight, giving them somewhat of a monopoly when it comes to charging prices. The reflex and red dot sights can compare, but many people prefer the best holographic sight. This one is not all that expensive, but still a little more than your normal option. It has been backed by a limited 10-year warranty for more peace of mind.
Available at:

8. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

Dagger Defence ddhb

Power Source
CR 2032 Battery
4.8 x 3.7 x 2.6-inches

Commonly marketed as one of the best replacements for the holographic sight, the Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight has been making a lot of strides and people have been drawn to it over the last couple of years. When we look at materials, we find that the same 6061 aircraft grade aluminum has been used for the bulk of the construction.

It has the same basic design that you have come to know when looking at any top reflex sight. The adjustable reticles up to 2 MOA will ensure versatility and the size has been made to look great on any assault or tactical rifle. A Picatinny rail works wonders with this scope, taking only a couple of minutes for you to actually have it fully mounted.

You might have seen that the weight is on the low side. The key to this is to ensure that you can use it in almost any situation, and not to frustrate you when you have tactical missions or training. Numerous brightness settings will work with the ambient light for a better projection. This can take some time to figure out, but all of this is worth it.

A CR2032 battery is still among the top options for sights. While your lithium-ion battery does have more durability, it does not have the same lifespan. I think this sight can give you around 40,000-hours of battery life, if not more. It will depend on how often you use it and if the automated switch turns it off when you are not using it.

A large adjustment knob is found on the side of the sight. This is not something special that needs not be touched, but can help with the fade adjustment. You won’t really be using it all too often unless you are zeroing the rifle, which means it will need to be changed at different yardages. Since it is larger than life, it is almost impossible to miss.

Since we love doing adjustments and we love doing it all on the go, why not have another dial thrown in for some good measure. This dial is the perfect addition to ensure you can help with windage. By changing the rifle to a semi-automatic setting, you can create your very own sniper scenario at the shooting range and perhaps even pull off a few shots. However, you won’t reach 500-yards.

Unfortunately, this sight is not ideal for those who are used to standard holographic sights. You will need to spend some time to actually find out and see if it works for you. We have had a few issues with the sights in terms of blurriness. However, customer support has always been reluctant to sort it out and they are trying to perfect it.

The price is something that many of you might find attractive, especially if you are still new in the game. This is one of the more affordable options on the market and I do like the overall concept and design that Dagger Defense has come up with. It is a replacement scope for the holographic sight and you need to keep this in mind when buying.

Available at:

9.Pinty Red & Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight

Pinty sight

Power Source
CR 2032 Battery
4.8 x 3.7 x 2.6-inches

While still not a real holographic sight, you need to understand that they are expensive and many people also love the replacements, especially beginners. The Pinty Red & Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight is one of the most competent and highly recommended reflect sights with red dot technology that can only be rivaled by the top brands.

I like looking at sizes and the weight is important to me, but one thing that I immediately noticed is that it is almost the exact same size as the Dagger Defense Replacement Holographic Sight. This certainly makes it a daunting prospect when you start choosing between the two and wonder which of them really has the edge.

One of the main reasons why I would give the Pinty Red & Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight a slight edge over the previous one is the multiple reticles. Users will have 4 different reticles they can choose from, ranging from one to multiple dots. The other bonus is the fact that they are available in red or green for night use.

Having a CR 2032 battery means life. If I say life, I mean it and these batteries have been tested over and over again to ensure they always hold up. The battery should give you more than 40,000-hours of life depending on what you are doing. For people like myself, this could mean a complete lifetime with only one single battery.

It can be mounted on your standard rails, giving you the ability to do so within a limited amount of time and when you really need to do it in a hurry. The Weaver or Picatinny rails have been time tested to ensure they work effectively with most rifles. I have mounted it with all the right tools in a mere matter of minutes.

According to the manufacturer, they have stated a field of view. However, most of the other options that we have reviewed have an unlimited field of view. Since you will not be using this sight with your eyes fixed upon the scope, you will also have the benefit of an unlimited field of view to ensure you can effectively get the job done.

One of the biggest concerns is the inability for the sight to hold zero. It took a little bit of shooting practice to have it perfect with a normal .22 rifle. However, this can all be down to my own lack of skills and I will not solely blame it on the effectiveness of the sight. IT does zero in well and holds it after a while of practicing.

Lastly, the price of this unit is one of the more affordable options that we had to test. Thanks to the affordability of the unit, it is definitely worth it for beginners to give it a shot and test it on their rifles. The scope is lightweight and I would most definitely recommend it as one of my all-time favorite budget options.

Available at:

10. Vortex Optics Razor AMG UH-1 Holographic Sight 

Vortex Optics Razor

Power Source
5.4 x 4.7 x 3.4-inches

Last but certainly not least, we are ending off this list with a bang. One of the most recognized brands in the optics industry is Vortex and having designed a holographic scope does make a lot of difference to their collection. The Vortex Optics Razor AMG UH-1 Holographic Sight is the one we are talking about and had to give a try.

The sights have been constructed from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, giving it the added strength. A small coating is included to make the lenses shockproof, while the lenses are almost completely shatterproof to shots. Users have dropped and knocked this sight, but it has remained impeccably durable.

The sights have been designed on the same basis as the traditional scope. They have a couple of eyepieces included to help you when you up close. The MOA is still a little bit unknown, but we have information that it should be functional enough for almost anyone to make the adjustments to the reticles as the need.

I love the lenses with anti-glare and fog protection. Should you be firing or working in the middle of the day, the sun will not have too much of an impact on your vision. Your reticle and dot will remain fixed on your target, while you are moving around. This gives you the ability to be more tactical and maneuver around.

You have probably seen that a battery made from lithium-ion is the main source of power. Lithium-ion batteries are fairly expensive, but they have the best life. The unit can be changed to automatically turn off once you are done with it, saving you the battery life. A couple of solar panels would have been beneficial as well.

As for mounting, it does take some time to efficiently mount the unit. You will need to have all the right tools, but they are included. It took me a little bit of time, but f for experts that will probably be interested in the Vortex Optics Razor AMG UH-1 Holographic Sight, mounting on Weaver and Picatinny rails will be much faster.

Beginners might find the sight a little too overpowering, especially when we start looking at things like technology. It has so many features, you don’t know where to get started. With a weight of around 18.08-ounces, the weight is fairly heavy, not ideal for someone who needs more of a lightweight unit to move around efficiently.

Vortex is the brand that professional hunters and tactical shooters use. However, they are a little more expensive than you would be used to. I will not recommend this sight for anyone that is not a pro. The sights are some of the very best, highly recommended for expert hunters and tactical competitors.

Available at:

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Holographic Sights:

It was a real pleasure to work through all of these sights and more of an honor to work with some of the best brands to see what they have to offer. While many of them are reflex sights, we are looking to show you some key features to choose your own. Keep in mind that much like the reviews, we will be discussing features of the holographic and reflex sights to help you find what fits your needs:

Construction (Durability)

Probably one of the first things that you look at when you are doing your research for weaponry is the durability and the construction of the product. The sights or scopes need to be designed from strong materials and they should be able to take a little bit of a beating, especially if you are running around in those tactical courses.

6061 aluminum, also referred to as aircraft-grade aluminum is the most common choice for the body of the sight. Not only is durable, but also light enough to not add a lot to your weapon. The aluminum will probably have some sort of rubber or plastic coating that will make it shockproof. However, this is not the case with every sight.

The lenses are the most expensive part of any optic and it needs to be taken care off as much as possible. Having shatterproof lenses will go a long way in avoiding extra costs that could be associated with mishaps. Most warranties will not cover negligence on your part and paying for the added durability helps out a lot.


Mounting of the sights is also part of the compatibility. We love to have sights that are compatible with almost any rail. The rails that most common weapons used are either Weaver or Picatinny. These rails are specifically important to help with the mounting of your sights and the more common your rail, the better it is to mount it.

If you don’t have technical expertise, you might consider having an expert assist you with the mounting process. It is a little more expensive, but for scopes and sights, you should play it safe. When you are looking at the top brands, all the tools are generally included, with efficient instructions for anyone to mount it at home on their own.


We are not diving deeply into the lens or the types of lenses, but most of these sights have shatterproof laminations on the glass. The lens can be clear or it can have some hint of color with it. The color is not for effects and plays a major part in making sure you get the best value for your money when you are using them.

The lenses will help with distortion and occasionally, you can have a magnifier added if you really need some sort of magnification. The magnification is not a common theme in reflex and holographic sights, but it will help with longer tactical shots. Tinted lenses can help to keep the sun out and you won’t be suffering from glare in the midsts of the day.


As we have touched on in the construction, the weight does play a huge role in your weapon. If the sight is too heavy, you will feel a drag on the weapon. Since most tactical courses require speed and they are made to tire you out, don’t you wish to have something lighter to get around faster and a little more efficiently?

The average weight for a holographic sight will differ from the reflex sight. Most holographic sights have more of a completed or closed casing with additional technology included. This will help to do more but add weight. Having done my research, the most holographic sights are around 15-ounces or more, with reflex sights being around 10-ounces for the average top-rated models.


Unfortunately, all of the technology in your sight needs to be powered. Since it needs to be powered, you will have a battery that ensures you can keep going. It might sound simple, add a battery and you are ready to go. However, there are different batteries and we have done a little research into each of them to give you a breakdown of what to look for:

  • CR123 (AA): The CR123 battery is the standard AA battery that we use for many of our electronics inside our homes. There are a couple of holographic sights that work with them. However, they do not have such efficient battery life.
  • CR 2032: A more common battery we have seen in some of the mid-range sights is the CR 2032 battery. This battery is not as large, but it still does the job. It has a battery life that can span up to 50,000 hours in certain cases. However, your brightness settings will have a huge effect on this.
  • Lithium-ion: Lithium-ion is the king of batteries and it has probably always been. There is no real substitute for the lithium-ion battery when we look at longevity and durability. The quality they offer is great and many of them can last you a lifetime.

While you can use almost any of these batteries, lithium-ion is the one that stands out the most. However, it is the most expensive and replacing them will spike your maintenance even more. Brands like EOTech has been known to integrate the lithium-ion battery and still ensure that you have room for the standard nCR123 batteries. This is the best of both worlds.


While holographic sights don’t need adjustments to be made, we all love to have some freedom when it comes to our gear. The adjustment knob is generally located next to the sight itself, but this is measured in MOA (Minutes Of Angle). The more you have the more adjustments you can make to the sights, especially when it is being zeroed.

However, when you have tactical sights, these will help you make adjustments for windage and compensate for bullet drops. The grain of bullet you are using can have a massive impact. It is worth keeping mind that the reticle on the holographic sight has more adjustments than the dot. Combined, it also has more adjustment features than your standard reflex sights.


Speaking of EOTECH, you need to consider looking at the brand as well. EOTech is the first brand to ever design the holographic sight and they have also patented it. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to copy without their consent. However, there are a couple of brands that have earned the right to design their own version using slightly different technology.

We have decided to make you aware of the brand due to the reproduction of these fakes being really high in recent years. Instead of being ripped off, you need to dig a little deeper in your own research. If you cannot afford a real holographic sight, the reflex sights are still military grade and can be used as an excellent alternative.

My personal choice for holographic sights would be to stick what we know and what has been proven already EOTECH is the brand that has been running wild constantly improving, but if you need to try a different brand, it would be wise to look at someone like Vortex. Not only are they a close competitor, but their quality is really great.


The warranty is one of the top things that I always take into consideration when looking at optics. The warranty can help you immensely, especially with the prices of the top optics soaring through the sky. Having a special warranty will not only give you more peace of mind but enable you to take a few more risks when using the weapon with the sights.

All of this will tie back to the brand. Brands have different warranties and the best brands have better warranties. EOTech is one of the best brands and I cannot stress this enough. Their 10-year limited warranties will cover the sight itself and the special lithium-ion batteries that are included. All of this will save you the price of a new sight in the long run.


Once you have all the features understood and you are ready to buy your new sight, you can start looking for a couple of accessories. They are expensive additives, but make a massive difference to your experience. Here are a few of the most common accessories that we have found and are occasionally included in package deals:

  • Magnifier: We did touch on the magnification a little, but since most of these sights have no magnification, you can add some magnification with a magnifier attachment. It needs to be compatible with the weapon, but they are available for purchase.
  • Brightness settings: We could have included this as one of the main features in the list, but since they vary too much from brand to brand, I have made it a minor feature. If you have more brightness settings, it will certainly help in different conditions.
  • Night Vision: Night Vision was always considered a military tool and part of their arsenal. However, it is now available for the public as well. If you want to do your tactical courses at night, you should consider adding some night vision for a better experience.
  • Size: The size should look the part and also look like it fits on the weapon. Try to find something compatible and if you can have a quick-release feature added, make life simpler for yourself by doing this as well.

All of these accessories are great and they might not be compatible with every holographic or reflex sight. However, they can be added from time to time to enhance your tactical experience. I do recommend giving them a go if you have the funds. However, you should start with the basic features of the weapon first.

The Holographic Sight Vs The Reflex Sight:

Before we answer a few of your common questions, we need to have a look at the main differences between these two. The holographic and reflex or red dot sights do vary a lot. Here are a couple of the things that set the holographic sight apart from the red dot reflex sight:

  1. Price: The holographic sights are much more expensive and can range between $400 and $1600 depending on the brand. However, they do have more technology.
  2. Field of view: Both of them can have an unlimited field of view, but holographic sight often comes with eyepieces. This means you need to look at the field of view to ensure you get the best one for your needs.
  3. More adjustments: for those of you who did not read through all the features, your holographic units have a few more adjustments, making them more versatile for combat.
  4. The battery life is not great: Compared to the red dot sight, the holographic sight will use up more battery for all the features. This will drain out the batteries much faster.
  5. Lightweight design: The holographic sights are some of the best when you need to keep the weight to a minimum. The sleek design also looks more fashionable and they look professional to a military degree.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Still, have a few questions? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Whilst doing research, I came across a couple of questions that many people still have. To ensure you understand everything, I have done some more digging to find the answers. Here are a few of these questions that you might also have and could help you with your selection process:

  • Are The Lithium-Ion Batteries Rechargeable?

For some, this is a simple question, but it does have some value. The answer is unfortunately NO. You will need to have the lithium-ion battery replaced if you want the best value. Fortunately, the top brands will have battery life indicators installed. This should help you when you need to replace the battery and to keep you from ever being in the dark.

  • Can I Use A Holographic Scope For Hunting?

Any scope can be used for hunting; it will come down to the weapon you are using. Hunters need something for a specific purpose. Your holographic sight will definitely be helpful at close range. Since they can be added to a shotgun, you can now use them for fast rapid shooting as well, giving you a better and more accurate hunting experience.

  • Can I Add other tools?

This was actually a question asked by an expert. Additional tools like lasers can be added due to the smaller rail space that is taken up. However, you need to keep in mind that each of these holographic sights will vary and the mounting mechanisms are completely different as well. You need to find out if you have enough space for the specific tools you would like to add.


The best holographic sights are rare, but once you find them, they are certainly worth every penny. These options have been highly recommended and EOTECH is the number 1 brand when it comes to designing them. I would highly recommend all of their holographic sights for the quality and the value they offer.

EOTECH HHS 11 Holographic hybrid sight

EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight

EOTech is a known and reputable brand when it comes to holographic sights and this one is no exception. You can’t really ask for more.

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