The 10 Best Kids Binoculars

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Here you will find a list of the best kids binoculars. What are Binoculars? Well, they are simply two telescopes placed side by side, allowing both of your eyes to see items which are a great distance away. In fact, the telescope was invented in the late 16th century although it is possible they were in existence before this! The modern telescope and the foundation of binoculars were created in 1704 by Sir Isaac Newton.

However, binoculars didn’t appear on the scene until the early 1800’s; there had been attempts before this but they were clumsy and not particularly good at focusing over any distance. Now binoculars are everywhere and used for a huge array of different activities. For instance, you can use them when hunting and golfing and there are even night vision goggles which combine binoculars with the ability to see at night; you can find the best 10 here.

They are also commonly used for studying the stars at night or for bird watching.  You may also wish to use them when camping, watching a sporting event or even at the theater. Of course, thanks to the movies, binoculars are also associated with the art of spying and this makes them exciting for children to play with! Whether they want to mimic your use of binoculars or simply pretend to be spies, this is one gift that they will enjoy and can learn from.

Binoculars are far superior to telescopes and no come in small enough sizes to be easily carried with you. By utilizing both eyes you will be able to see the detail of any object as though it is next to you. More importantly, when both eyes are looking through the binoculars you will see 40% more detail than when just one eye is. This is simply a fact of life and the way that the human eyes work.

Before you discover the 10 best kids binoculars it is important to understand a few terms relating to binoculars:


This is potentially the most important spec you will be looking at. Binoculars will have a number indicating their magnification power. The higher the number the better the distance they can view over or the more detailed the image will be. However, the more powerful the binoculars are the smaller the field of view will be; you will need to focus on specific points on the landscape.

Lens and Lens Coating

The best binoculars have multiple lenses which are glued together; this helps to ensure the picture is clear. Every surface which reflects light inside your binoculars can be coated. This prevents reflection from distorting the image and ensures you get an accurate image of the object you are looking at. The more parts which are coated the better the image will appear.

Image Stabilization

Many modern binoculars have this feature as it counteracts the shake which will naturally be present in your hands. You may not notice the movement until you are holding the binoculars to your eyes but your hands will shake slightly as you hold the binoculars up. This feature corrects the shake and ensures you see the image clearly.

Focus and View Field

Focus simply tells you how close you can be to an object and still have it in focus. This can be a useful figure when you know what you intend to use the binoculars for. View Field effectively tells you how much you will be able to see when looking through the binoculars. You may see this displayed as the number of feet wide you will see 1,000 yards away when looking through the binoculars. Alternatively, it can be given as a degree figure. Most people can see at least 180° without binoculars but your view field will be much less with binoculars.

The Numbers

You will see two numbers when you look at the best kids binoculars for sale. It is usually shown as 10 x 20. The first number refers to the magnification of the binoculars. The higher the number the better you will be able to see items at a distance.

The second number refers to the objective lens size. The larger the number the more light that will be passed through the binoculars. This will ensure you have a bright image and a better view of whatever you are looking at. However, the larger the number and the bigger the lens then the larger the binoculars will be.

There are other terms which are relevant to binoculars but these will give you enough information to help you understand which of the best children’s binoculars will suit your needs.

Our Selection of the 10 Best Kids Binoculars:

We’re here to help, so we’ve put together a review for each one of the 10 best children’s binoculars below.

1. Kidwinz 8×21 Kids Binoculars

Kidwinz 8x21 Kids Binoculars

These light green binoculars with just a touch of blue on the main body are perfect for your little soldier! The 8×21 refers to the magnification and lens size. Eight is a good number to ensure good visibility over a wide area and definitely enough for your child to hide in the trees and watch their friends or you! Alongside an objective lens diameter of 21mm, you will also appreciate the ocular lens diameter of 18mm. It should provide a good field of view; approximately 366 feet at 1,000 yards. The prism is coated and there are 5 different lens pieces in 3 groups. The coating is listed as FC and the exit pupil distance is 10mm. It has a simple twist function to allow your child to set the lens to the same distance apart as their eyes. This ensures maximum comfort and the best possible image. This effectively folds the binoculars slightly to ensure they are comfortable without affecting the quality if the magnification.

You should be able to purchase the Kidwinz for between $30 and $40 which makes them good value for money. They arrive with an operations manual and their own nylon case. You will also find a cleaning cloth, which will be essential, and a 2-foot long neck strap. This can be easily attached to the binoculars through the loops provided. The binoculars weigh 8 ounces which will help to ensure most children can comfortably carry them all day. They measure 4.9 inches by 4.2 inches by just 2.3 inches thick. This ensures they are small enough to be comfortably held in your child’s hands. These binoculars are equipped with rubber eye surrounds. This will ensure they are comfortable when being held up to your child’s eyes; even if they wear glasses. It also prevents them from banging their eyes against the glass on the binocular and reduces the amount of light visible at source as opposed to light emitted from where they are looking at. You will also receive a high-quality carry case to help keep the binoculars safe when they are not being used. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that these binoculars are designed to withstand being dropped. They are coated in rubber to help absorb any impact; even if your child drops them on a hard floor! This is a vital feature if you are spending money on a child’s gift; they are likely to be dropped at let once by accident!

It is also pleasing to see a 100% satisfaction guarantee with these binoculars. If you don’t like them simply return them for a full refund. This combination of factors ensures that these are one of the best kid’s binoculars on this list.

Reviews of this product are excellent, it has received in excess of 1,000 reviews on Amazon and 96% of these are 4 star and above! There is little which can be said against these impressive binoculars; they are definitely a contender for the best of the 10 best kids binoculars.

2. Bespin High-Resolution Kids Binoculars

Bespin High Resolution Kids Binoculars

These binoculars look stunning in a pale, almost turquoise blue.  Although potentially more appealing to boys, there are plenty of girls who would also be happy with this color. A touch of style is added by the curving black swirl which goes around the base of the eyepieces and curves into the middle of the binoculars. The name ‘Bespin’ is written across this in white, although the ‘I’ appears as a star.

These binoculars have a magnification of 8 which should be great for your kids to enjoy almost any activity, from bird watching to sports and a whole range of outdoor activities. If your child loves exploring the great outdoors they will love these binoculars. The fact that you can purchase them for under $30 should keep you happy as well. They are potentially the best value binoculars of the best kids binocular list.

The binoculars are well made; the main body is made of aluminum which ensures it is strong and durable. They are then coated in rubber which acts as an excellent shock absorber if your child drops them.  It is important to note that they are shockproof; this is not the same as unbreakable but they should withstand a few drops and falls. The rubber design continues to envelop the eyepiece. This provides a flexible seal to ensure your child is comfortable when looking through them without damaging their eye in the process. In addition, this blocks out any unnecessary light to provide the best possible view of anything they are looking at. These Bespin binoculars are exceptionally durable.

They weigh just 6.7 ounces which are light enough for most children to carry with them all day. This is helped by the 2-foot long neck strap; ensuring the binoculars are on hand but safe. They are compact, measuring 4 inches long by 3.8 inches wide. Surprisingly they are just 1.5 inches deep. The objective lens diameter is 21mm, the same as the first contender on our best child’s binoculars list. The ocular lens is 18mm and the view field at 1,000 yards is an impressive 384 feet. The prisms are coated and they use a central focusing system to allow for easy adjustment when using the binoculars. Just as with the kidwinz there are 5 lens pieces and 3 groups, while the exit pupil distance is set at 10mm. You can also twist the eyepieces to ensure they comfortably fit on your child’s eyes. They can adjust from 1.9 inches to 2.6 inches

These binoculars are designed to fit your child’s hands and they will be enthralled with the images which are aided by a BK-4 system of prisms with a blue coating to provide clear images. This is combined with a viewing angle of 7.2” to help make sure your kid sees everything they need to.

While there are currently only 216 reviews on Amazon 91% of these are at 4 stars or above. Although this is not quite as high as the Kidwinz it is still an impressive figure. The main cause of issues seems to revolve around the binoculars not being as robust as expected. However, with just 10 poor reviews this is not enough to affect the overall feeling of quality these binoculars provide.

3. Cobiz Kids Binoculars

Cobiz Kids Binoculars

You would be forgiven for thinking this is an adult set of binoculars, they look fantastic! They are designed in a crisp black and white color. The lenses and the first half of the binoculars are white with the other half being black but curving into the center of the binoculars with the Cobiz name written discreetly in white. The binoculars arrive with a 2-foot long neck strap and a cleaning cloth, to keep them looking perfect and ensure every image remains crystal clear. You also get a carry bag with its own shoulder or neck strap. This helps the binoculars to stay safe when in transit.

This offering from Cobiz has an impressive 10 magnification, allowing your child to see things at great distances. They measure 8.2 centimeters long by 10 centimeters wide and a depth of 5.5 centimeters. This definitely classifies as compact. The fact that they weigh just 6 ounces makes them the lightest so far on the 10 best kids binocular list and easy for your child to carry around all day. The objective lens is 25mm, making it larger than both the Kidwinz and the Bespin. This will give your child a view field of 380 feet at 1,000 yards.

These binoculars are well designed to fit comfortably into your child’s hands. They have rubber eye surrounds to help ensure your child is comfortable when using them and prevent any damage from being done to their eye. Children can be a little eager and end up jamming items in their eyes, the soft eyepieces prevent this from being an issue. They also help to block out distractions and external light sources to ensure your child can focus on the object in the distance not what is going on around them. These binoculars can be purchased for under $30 which makes them potentially the best value for money on the best kids binoculars list. However, it should be noted that these are not shockproof; if your child drops them they might break. The internal optics is well designed. There is a BaK – 7 prism which ensures the best possible visibility even in low light settings.

All the lenses are coated in special piano lacquer to reduce reflection and provide clear images in almost any situation. It is also worth noting that it is possible to fold these binoculars virtually in half; this allows your child to position them perfectly for their own eyes. There is no doubt that these are a great gift for children!

The customer reviews o Amazon for these binoculars are impressive. A massive 98% of the 92 users have rated these binoculars at 4 stars or above. In fact, there is just one 1 star review and one 3 stars! The issue appears to be whether the magnification is as good as it says it is. Of course, all products must be approved to meet the standard they claim to be. If they do not this is false advertising and could be extremely detrimental to the company. It is therefore likely that this is an isolated issue and not something to concern you when looking for the best kids binoculars.

In fact, this offering from Cobiz is the best value for money on this list due to its impressive range, feature list, and price.

4. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr.

One glance at these binoculars and you will come up with one of two opinions. Either they are clearly for kids and look a little like a toy or they are not actually a pair of binoculars at all. In fact, these colorful binoculars look a little like goggles! However, this is a design feature to ensure they provide the very best experience for your children. The fact that you can purchase these binoculars for between $10 and $20 makes them one of the most attractive offerings on the best kids binoculars list. They are three distinct colors, a pale purple surrounds the lenses and the eyepiece, the main body yellow with a pale blue cross snaking over it diagonally. The overall effect is a spy toy for kids.

These binoculars are 6.9 inches long by 5.5 inches wide and 2.8 inches deep, they weigh 4.8 ounces which is light enough to allow a small child to carry them around all day. They arrive with an adjustable neck strap; maximum length of this strap is 30 inches! However, these binoculars only offer a magnification level of 2, while this might be perfect as an introductory set for your 3-year-old it is likely that older children will not find them very helpful or practical. The suggested age range is between 3 years and 11 years but an 11-year-old will probably prefer something a little more grown-up looking.

The enlarged eyepieces are designed to fit perfectly on your child’s eyes, allowing them to see perfectly through these binoculars. They are up to 3 times the size of conventional binocular eyepieces. It is also worth noting that the strap is designed as a breakaway; this will prevent your child from accidentally strangling themselves. These binoculars are robust, designed to be dropped without breaking and they can even get wet without becoming damaged. Although not specified as waterproof there are no parts which can be damaged by water. If they are immersed you will simply need to leave them in rice for several days to remove any fogging on the lens.

It is worth noting that these binoculars have won the parents’ choice and Canadian Toy Testing Council awards. This is backed up by an excellent number of 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon. In fact, 89% of the 843 reviews give them 4 or 5 stars. There are less than 50 reviews which rate them with one or two stars and these generally focus on the magnification abilities of these binoculars. As it clearly states that the binoculars are 2 x magnifications it is not advisable to expect too much. They will simply make everything seem twice as close as it is. Providing you accept this fact they are an excellent choice to introduce your child to the world of binoculars and the possibilities open to them. The fact that they will be able to copy mummy or daddy is usually enough to keep them satisfied at this age!

5. ExploreOne 6×21 Binoculars

ExploreOne 6x21 Binoculars

Another pair of stylish green binoculars has appeared on our best kids binoculars list! This pair has a touch of medium blue at the base of the eyepieces which merges across the base of the main body. The blue theme continues down each side of the lenses, created a ring effect which makes the binoculars look very cool. You will also see the standard focus dial between the eyepieces to ensure it is as easy as possible to see items in the distance clearly. These binoculars are designed for children, in case the color combination didn’t already give this away. They are 8 inches wide by 6 inches long and just 2.5 inches deep. They weight 8.8 ounces which is likely to be a little heavy for very small children to carry for extended periods. In fact, the manufacturer recommends them for children between 7 and 15. While 7 is an appropriate age for these binoculars it is likely that your 15-year-old child will want something more adult looking.

The ExploreOne offers a magnification level of 6; while this is adequate for most uses it is a little low compared to the rest of the offerings on the best kids binoculars list. The objective lens is 21mm which is fairly standard for all the binoculars on this list. They arrive with a nylon carry bag which can be strapped to your belt via the loop in the back of the case; helping to protect the binoculars while you are on the move. There is no shoulder strap for the case or the binoculars but there is a nylon wrist strap which can help to prevent accidental dropping and keeps the binoculars close. It is also important to note that the lenses and prisms inside these binoculars are made of glass which is coated to reduce reflections as much as possible. You should be able to locate these for between $10 and $20 which makes them good value for the money. However, it is worth considering spending a little more to get the Cobiz, Bespin or even the Kidwinz. You will also benefit from a 2-year warranty. This can be extended to five at no cost to yourself; lf you want to do this you simply need to register your purchase on the website.

The reviews of these binoculars are generally good. There are currently 169 reviews on Amazon and 84% of these give it a 4 or 5-star rating. The general feedback is that the binoculars really do work and provide an opportunity for children to really start exploring the world around them. Of course, there are always some less positive comments but these revolve around items breaking on the binoculars and the fact they don’t see as well as adult binoculars, which should be obvious from the price and description of these binoculars.

Overall they are well made and durable; they will provide your children with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and see things which are virtually invisible to the naked eye. This makes them worthwhile and a contender for the best value award in this best kids binoculars review.

6. IClarity Optics Compact Binoculars

IClarity Optics Compact Binoculars

These binoculars are described as perfect for kids and while this is true the blue color does lend itself to boys more than girls. The IClarity binoculars are well put together; the sides are black while the midsection and the hinges are all blue.  The focus well is well positioned in the center of the body and is also black, creating a nice contrast. The main body is encased in metal to provide plenty of protection against bumps, scrapes and even accidental drops. The eyepieces are surrounded with soft rubber to ensure your child is comfortable and safe when they push the binoculars against their eyes. The hinges easily move the individual sides to ensure they form the perfect position for your child’s eyes.

These binoculars come with a soft nylon carry case to help protect them. There is also a 2-foot long neck cord which is easily attached to the binoculars. You also benefit from a soft lens cleaning cloth and a one-year replacement guarantee to cover any non-fault damage. You also benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason!

The binoculars are compact, just 4 inches by 4 inches with a 2-inch depth. They have a magnification factor of 8 which places them on a par with all the other binoculars in this review and the objective lens diameter is 21mm. The binoculars weigh an impressive 8.43 ounces which is generally considered too heavy for very small children but perfect for those in the 7 and up age range. These binoculars have an angular field of view of 7° and provide 366 feet at 1,000 yards. The light intensity is listed at 6.8 which ensures plenty of light is available to give your child a clear view of what they are looking at. The exit pupil diameter is set at 2.6mm while the close focus is 3meters. You may also be interested to note that the prism is glass and complies with BK – 7. This is fully coated to minimize reflections. Rubber grips to prevent you from dropping these binoculars come as standard and they are water resistant. These are one of the best kids binoculars available as they offer the same standard of magnification and focus as an adult par of bird watching ones. They are just designed smaller to fit comfortably into your child’s arms.

These binoculars can be bought for between $30 and $40 which makes them one of the most expensive options available. However, the quality of the product and the image clarity makes them an extremely worthwhile investment. This is borne out by an 86 review rating of 4 stars and above. In fact, there was only one 1 star review! As no manufacturer can get it perfect every time, this is a good indication of the quality of these binoculars. This is also the reason why they are on the best kids binoculars review list. It is important to note that the weight and size of these binoculars and their functions means this is suitable for older children, (over 7) rather than young kids.

7. Backyards Safari Field Binoculars

Backyards Safari Field Binoculars

These binoculars are green and gray with a touch of yellow. The border between being designed for a child and looking like an adult pair. The main body is green with gray anti-slip pads on each side. A darker gray box section joins the two green pieces together at the front and back of the binoculars. These two pieces are separated by a yellow focus wheel. The ocular lenses are light gray and appear to screw onto the main assembly. In fact, there has a resemblance to the connectors you use on your hosepipe! Interestingly the eyepieces are also green and appear to be set at an angle. The neck strap which is included with these binoculars finishes the look and is green, matching the main body. The whole ensemble fights between the look of stylish binoculars and a child’s toy.

However, this should not be enough to put you off, especially if you are looking for a younger child. These binoculars can generally be purchased for under $10 although it is possible you will need to pay up to $15. They are designed with children in mind. The eyepieces are soft and made of rubber to ensure they fit snugly and comfortably on your children’s eyes. The side anti-slip grips are also rubber, ensuring a good grip even if their hands are cold or wet. In fact, these binoculars are water resistant and there is very little to be damaged if they are immersed in water. But, you should not that they are made from hard plastic, they may not respond well if accidentally dropped. For this reason, it is best to make sure your child always uses the neck strap.

The magnification on these binoculars is 5; this is a little lower than most of the other offerings on this best kids binoculars list but it is in keeping with the lower price. Your children are unlikely to be disappointed by it. The small focus wheel in the middle allows your child to adjust each side so that it fits the width of their eyes perfectly. There are also adjustable knobs at the end of each lens which will allow your child to bring distant items into focus. They are very simple to use! The Backyard Safari binoculars are 4.8 inches wide and 4.5 inches long. Their depth is 2.5 inches with a weight of 5 ounces. This makes them the perfect size for young children to hold and carry for extended periods of time; let their safari adventure begin!

These binoculars have been reviewed on Amazon 290 times and 70% of the reviews rate them at 4 stars or above. This is the lowest rating of any pair on this list but still respectable. The main issues which seem to occur are concerning focusing the binoculars. However, there are many satisfied customers and an excellent customer service team which will help you to resolve the issue or even replace the binoculars for you. This should not be enough to put you off purchasing these binoculars, your child will enjoy playing with them and learning as they do so.

8. Educational Insights Geosafari Compass Binoculars

Educational Insights Geosafari Compass Binoculars

Although these have a hint of a childlike image they are a stylish pair of binoculars which could happily be used by most adults. This is another blue par but the blue is light enough to satisfy boys and girls. In fact, the blue is concentrated on the midsection with each of the telescope sections being predominantly black; only a circle of blue at each end breaks the black finish. You will also notice a black rubber grip incorporated into the design approximately halfway down each side. This is an anti-slip grip to help make sure the binoculars stay in your child’s hands and not on the floor. The grips are surprisingly soft yet firm; making thee binoculars a pleasure to hold.  An excellent fun feature incorporated between the eyepieces is a compass. This can help you to teach your child navigation and allow them hours of fun just figuring out the different directions and where they buried that treasure….

On the base of the binoculars just below the eyepieces, you will find two loops. These are designed to take the neck strap which is included when you purchase these binoculars. Impressively you should be able to locate these binoculars for under $10. This is an excellent price, particularly as the magnification, is set at 4; they might not be the best kids binoculars available but they are a good price for what they do provide. The binoculars measure 4.3 inches wide by 4.3 inches long; they are square! The depth is just 16 inches which makes them excellent for small hands. They also benefit from 30mm ocular lenses which should help your child to see distant objects clearly. Focus can be improved by turning the focus wheel just behind the compass; again an easy spot for small hands even when concentrating on the horizon. The weight of the Educational Insights binoculars is a respectable 6.4 ounces. This makes them light enough to be held by children as young as 5 or 6.

There is no maximum age range although older kids may prefer to have something a little more powerful. It is important to note that these are built to be water resistant and not waterproof. The main body is made of plastic while the anti-slip grips and eye surrounds are made of rubber. It is likely that they will be damaged if they are dropped.

This is another set which does satisfactory in the reviews but does not fare as well as those at the start of this bet kids binoculars review. 74% of users have given it 4 stars or more. However, there are several comments regarding the lack of ability to magnify distant objects and the binoculars being damaged on arrival. Unfortunately, it is not possible to comment on deliveries as many items are damaged in transit but it is important to remember that the magnification on thee is only 4, it will not be as impressive as your adult pair. In summary, these have been favorably reviewed by many people and they are good value for the price you are paying.

9. Pictek Small Binoculars

Pictek Small Binoculars

One look at these and you will think that you have accidentally purchased a pair of adult binoculars! The lines are sharp, the product is entirely black with the exception of the gold writing on the top which proudly states “8×21” and “126mm / 1000m Field 7.2”. The lenses have a reddish-orange hue, almost as though you are looking at the sunset! Yet, while these can be used by an adult they are designed for your kids; those who want to really explore the world around them.

This is a compact yet incredibly stylish offering suitable for a boy or a girl. The main hinges allow the arms of the binoculars to move in and out; ensuring your child finds the best position for their eyes. They can then adjust the focus depending on what they are looking at. The focus knob is set in the middle of the joining bridge and is easy to adjust while using these binoculars.

You can expect to pay between $30 and $40 for the Pictek binoculars. This might place them at the top end of the price scale for the ones in this review. However, they can be considered to be the best buy on this best kids binoculars review. The product quality is simply excellent and the look and feel of them are fantastic.  The reason for the color hue on the lenses is that they are coated with a red membrane. This protects your eyes, reduces reflections and improves visibility at distance; helping far away objects to be seen clearly.

All the internal optics are also coated to reduce reflection and ensure you have the best possible image clarity. They measure 4.1 inches by 3 inches with a depth of 1.9 inches, definitely compact. The fact that they weigh just 7.2 ounces means that they can be comfortably used by any child from the age of 7 and up. Of course, adults will find them useful too!

These binoculars provide a magnification of 8, the same as all the best ones in this review. This is adequate for bird watching, enjoying sports or even hiking and camping. It should be noted that these do come with a lens cap. If you can’t see anything through them you might want to check you have taken the caps off. They do have an objective lens of 21 and arrive with both the neck strap and the comfortable carry case. This should ensure they stay safe when in transit.

The field view is 126m at 1,000 meters which is good enough for excellent clarity on most objects at this distance. The eyepiece diameter is 15mm and they fold up to just 9cm by 6cm by 4cm; very easy to carry anywhere! The body is metal and plastic; it is water resistant but is not listed as shockproof. You probably do not want to drop them just to find out how well they bounce, or not…

Although the number of users that have reviewed them is low, every review provides a 5-star rating. This is impressive by any standard as it is usually possible to find a small fault with any item! It is for this reason and the fact that these binoculars look so good that it has been awarded the best buy option in this best kid’s binocular review. You will be hard pushed to find a better pair for the price.

10. Wingspan Optics ProBirder

Wingspan Optics ProBirder

If you are looking for a gift for an older kid or simply want something a little better than all the other offerings then the Wingspan is the right option for you. However, it should be noted that this comes at a price; you can expect to pay between $100 and $130 for a pair of these binoculars. This makes them the most expensive option on our list but a worthwhile contender for the top binocular spot.

Unsurprisingly these binoculars are black, the word ‘Wingspan’ is neatly embossed on one side in white. The two eye cylinders are sleek and stylish. They are joined by a simple bridge section which separates the two wheels. A smaller one away from the eyepiece will allow you to move the binoculars in and out, to create the perfect fit for your kids’ eyes. The larger wheel near your eyes is for focusing when looking at distant, or near, objects. Each side of the binoculars features a simple loop, this allows you to attach the neck strap and keep the binoculars safe while walking around. You will also receive a carry bag made from soft nylon and lens caps for both ends of the binoculars; as well as a few instructions on using the binoculars.

But, what is really impressive on these binoculars is not the fact that they measure just 5 inches by 4.5 inches and have a depth of 1.8 inches. Nor is it the minimal weight of 1.3 pounds. What is amazing is the fact they incorporate an extra-wide field of view, close focus, phase correction, and all the prisms are coated to help you experience a completely new level of clarity and brightness when using them. The multi-coated lens will guarantee that you see high-resolution images and that they are extremely clear as well as full of natural colors. This is backed up by an extra-low dispersion glass inside the binoculars which eliminates color merging and maintains the clarity of an image. The magnification might be just 8 but the advanced features and the 32mm objective lens means that you will see better images than binoculars with more power! Alongside this, these binoculars are designated as waterproof and even fog proof, nothing will disturb your viewing pleasure again.

You might also be interested to note that the exit pupil diameter is 4mm, the field of view is 393 feet at 1,000 yards and that you can focus on items as close as 2 meters away! If you need to you can even attach these binoculars to a tripod.

These are a quality purchase but at this price, you may prefer to use them yourself rather than make them the best kids binoculars on the list. The reviews are generally excellent, in fact, 94% of users rate them with 4 stars or more. The only 1-star rating comes from someone who was unable to get them to focus. Considering this contradicts the reports of many happy users it is safe to say that this is one pair of binoculars worth buying; providing you can justify the price.

Buyers’ Guide

Choosing the best kids binoculars for your child is not always easy. While this review will have helped you to discover some of the best examples currently on the market it is important to remember that what suits you and your kids is not the same as what might suit your friend. In fact, there are several criteria you should consider before committing to any purchase; this will help to ensure you get the one which works best for you and your kids.


Many of the best kids binoculars on this list are available for under $40. However, if this is just one gift or you have a number of children to buy for there can be a big difference between the affordability of a $40 pair of binoculars and a $10 pair.

It is important to consider what you can afford to spend before you even start to look at the available products. This will make sure you purchase one within the budget that does the job you need it to.

Of course, if money is not an issue then you will be best advised to go for the Wingspan, this can be considered the most advanced of all the best kids binoculars featured.

Know the Terminology

It is important to know the terminology before you start looking for the right binoculars. Some may appear very attractive and at a reasonable price, but if they are listed at 2 x 15 you won’t be getting much for your money.

There is a brief guide to the most import terms at the start of this article. This should be sufficient to get you started and understand what magnification and field view is. You might also be interested to review how close you can focus on an image; this changes according to the binoculars but is something that your kids might b very interested in doing.

Child’s Age

There are two types of binoculars featured in this guide; those which are for younger kids and look like they belong to the younger age group and those which could be for older kids or even used by adults.

Before selecting the best kids binoculars for your needs you should consider what age your child currently is and how long you hope the binoculars will last for. This will help you to choose the right pair. If n doubt it is always better to go for binoculars suited to older children. The specification is likely to be better and your child will appreciate them more.


You might be a keen bird watching or camper and this might even be why your child has an interest in binoculars. However, they might simply want them to play with their friends, use the inbuilt compass or perhaps to watch some sport!

The magnification and field view will make a difference as to what the binoculars will be able to see effectively. Indeed, some binoculars can be held away from your eyes and still allow you to see through them comfortably and properly. This reduces eye strain and is worth considering if your child will be using the binoculars often.

The range of adjustment and how easy it is for you to focus will also help you to choose the right binoculars for your child.

Don’t forget if they want to use them at night they might night vision goggles as found here.


The majority of the binoculars on this list are fairly compact as this will allow your hold to hold them comfortably. You need to remember that children have smaller hands than you. They need to be able to wrap their hands comfortably round the binoculars to ensure they can reach any control knobs and reduce the risk of dropping them.

If possible you should either measure the size of your child’s hand or test the binoculars before you commit to purchasing them. This will ensure your child can hold them no and they will last for the next couple of years.


The lighter the binocular the easier it will be for your child to hold it around their neck throughout the day. This is exceptionally important if you are about to go hiking or something similar and your child will copy your use of binoculars.

However, lighter binoculars tend to be less well made and may not have enough magnification to make the experience enjoyable for your child. This is why it is important to choose binoculars which weigh 7 ounces or more if you are giving them to a child of 7 or over. Under this age, they need lighter binoculars and you will need to accept that the binoculars will only be partially effective. It will need to be viewed as an introduction to the world of binoculars.


As already mentioned in the terminology section the magnification of your binoculars will make a big difference to what you can see and how clearly you can see it. Higher magnifications generally mean that the price goes up.

You, therefore, need to consider what level of magnification is appropriate for your kids, depending on what they wish to use the binoculars for. You will then be able to purchase binoculars with an acceptable magnification for you and your kids.

Protection Level

Children are prone to dropping things and this is not generally intentional. Some of the binoculars in this guide have shock protection which is supposed to help protect your binoculars from being damaged. Of course, even the best protection might not be effective if they are dropped repeatedly.

You know your child better than anyone else which means you will be able to tell if they normally drop things or take extreme care of them. The answer to this will help to guide you into purchasing the right binoculars with adequate protection against drops, if necessary.


Finally, it is important to consider the reputation of the manufacturer and the specific product. As you will have seen from each of the best kids binoculars reviewed in this guide it is difficult, although not impossible to get 5-star feedback every time. What you should be looking at is Amazon and social media sites. This will provide you with an honest opinion of how well the binoculars perform in the real world. Even the best ones on paper can have a fatal flaw or receive a bad review but the general consensus of opinion should help you to decide if it is an item worth purchasing or not.

The reason this is so effective is that manufacturers have very little control over people expressing their viewpoints. All they can do is react and attempt to deal with issues quickly and effectively. A supplier who does this can be seen as a reliable and respectable one, a firm that you should be dealing with. It is always worth looking at the reviews before you buy an item.


Deciding to purchase binoculars as a gift for your child is a big decision but one that will hopefully be well received. You can use the information in this 10 best kids binoculars guide to learn the basic terminology, consider which pair of binoculars is most likely to suit your child and narrow your search parameters to the best ones currently available.

This guide is here to help you by giving you as much information as possible to aid your purchase decision. However, there are many different binoculars available online and it is easy to be swayed by one which appears fantastic but doesn’t actually offer the expected product. You can be certain that all the binoculars featured on this list work as indicated and, with a little care, can provide your child with hours of fun. You might even find them useful yourself; of course, you should only use them when your child isn’t!

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