Best Trail Cameras

The 10 Best Trail Cameras

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Nowadays trail cameras are not only used to scout hunting trails but more often also to keep an eye on a property or for other security purposes. Most of these cameras are not only weatherproof, allowing users to leave them out in the elements, but also self-powered so you don’t have to worry about power sources. These features are vital out in the woods where you might have to leave a camera out for days in order to capture footage. Finding the best trail camera is not just a case of buying the most expensive model on the market, but finding the camera that is best suited for your needs.

There are a couple of models on the market, so to newcomers, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding what camera to purchase. It is a waste to pay extra for a camera with lots of features that you will never use and sometimes a couple of inexpensive cameras can be a lot more useful than just one expensive model.

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

It’s no secret that Moultrie is often expensive, but this trail camera has great offerings for its price..

Unless you are very familiar with the brands or are able to test the equipment, your best option is to check out a few trail camera reviews to help educate yourself about your future purchase. At its most basic, a trail camera is a mobile recording device that you strap to a tree in order to take photos or videos of the surrounding area. Depending on what you want the camera to capture, you need to look at factors such as image quality, video recording capabilities, and reliability. If your cameras are going to be spending a lot of time out in the field, you will want something with good battery life and durability.

Our Selection of the 10 Best Trail Cameras:

The following game camera reviews provide some invaluable information about some models that are available on the market and will guide you towards making a well-informed purchase. Here are the cameras we found to be the most impressive.

1. The Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

Megapixels: 5

Trigger Speed: 1.16 sec

Detection Range: 30ft

While we have been conditioned by the media to believe that bigger and more expensive is always better, the Moultrie A5 Low Glow Camera proves that this is not always the case. Although Moultrie has pricey and more advanced offerings, the A5 impressed us tremendously by what it can to offer for its price. It is what you would expect of a company with over 35 years of hunting technologies. The camera gives you excellent battery life, good trigger speed, easy setup option, and security features for protection. It is a great tool for hunters and people who want to surveil their properties. In detail, below is a comprehensive review of the A5 camera.

The A5 is simply one of the most affordable solutions for putting up multiple game cameras on your property without breaking the bank. It offers you two picture-taking modes to take images and record videos. The 5.0 megapixel camera will provide you with some great full-color day and white and black night photos. The image resolution is adjustable to 250 x 1920 or 640 x 480 to go with your shooting environment and preferences. With a fast trigger speed of 1.16 seconds, every movement is captured as it happens. The delay speed is62 seconds between shots. You can take images within a range of 30 feet and at an impressive 39 degrees detection angle. You also have the option to use a pre-programmed set up with a 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes picture delay which determines how many pictures you can take in a day. This delay mode feature makes up for the lack of a time-lapse setting. The 850nm infrared LEDs provide enough lighting for images but not too sharp to draw attention from wildlife. However, the night photos are not as good as you might expect due to the limited number of only 12 infrared LEDs. It records 10 seconds quality video clips with up to 50 feet flash range. This detection circuit is large enough to capture as many memories. However, there are complains that the field of view is small compared to the detection range. This disharmony results in ‘false’ triggers which disappoints users.

You won’t have to worry about the batteries draining too fast out in the field. The camera is designed to save energy and can last you a whole hunting season. Powered by 4AA batteries, the gadget has a reliable power supply. And with one set of batteries, you can take 8,000 images. The camera also comes with a slot to accommodate up to 32 GB SD card. You can store 24,000 high-quality images or 128, 000 low-quality photos. These images are stored in the standard JPEG format while the videos use the AVI format. For easy identification, the camera stamps pictures and videos for the name, camera mode, temperature, time, moon phase, and date.

The straightforward design means that the camera is easy to operate. You can customize the settings to suit your preferences. Once in the woods, you are assured of the camera’s security with the Python cable feature. It also features a ¼” x 20 mm insert to mount the camera on a slate securely. The case is made with rugged design and dull colors that blend well with the environment to make it hard to notice. This camouflage provides an extra security feature against theft and detection.

The A5 has all the basic features that you want from a good game camera and the low price tag really sweetens the deal. Quality or durability is often sacrificed in equipment in order to hit a lower price point, but this is certainly not the case with the A5. The great customer support offered by Moultrie also pushes this camera to the forefront. What’s more, Moultrie has been upgraded to make it the most preferred game camera. For instance, the ground up was updated to Gen 2 to include a multi-shot feature and shorter picture delays.

It’s not perfect, and we would have liked to see the ability to record videos that are longer than ten seconds in length. The lag speed between shots of 62 seconds is also a disadvantage to this camera. But when it comes to value for money the Moultrie A5 Low Glow Camera is hard to pass up. You really wouldn’t expect too much for a camera of its price range.

2. The Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera

The Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera

Megapixels: 3

Trigger Speed: 1.5 sec

Detection Range: 40ft

The Primos Truth Cam is a surprisingly feature-packed offering for its price range. Not quite as feature rich as the top of the line cameras of course, but more than sufficient for what you expect from a good trail camera. This simple to use, yet the reliable camera is built to last and you don’t need an engineering degree to get it up and running either. This is a camera that is good to go almost straight out of the box and durable enough that you won’t have to worry about it out in the field. It also packs a few security features to help keep it safe from prowlers.

It is not the best camera available for security purposes as it has visible LEDs, but for scouting game trails it performs great. There are four picture-taking options. The 1.5 seconds trigger speed of sleep and 0.3 seconds trigger speed when active records enough memories as they happen. It also has a great recovery speed of 5 seconds to give you many continuous shots. In fact, you can take up to 9 pictures per trigger. The Multi-Shot feature allows 1, 3, 5, or 9 images or videos with the Multi-Shots burst feature. Recording videos is a great experience for this category with an option to do 10 seconds or 30 seconds long videos.

The wide detection range of 40 feet is something to boast about for a camera of budget price. However, the field of view compares poorly with the detection range which leads to blank shots. To make up for this problem, you get sharp quality daytime photos from the 3MP camera. You can also choose a low resolution of 1.3MP. If you want to minimize blur in photos, choose to take still images rather than those in motion.

At night, the 35 infrared LEDs offer enough light to take quality images. Depending on your preferred night range, you can choose the number of active LEDs. The automatic date, time, moon phase, and temperature stamps help you study the activities in the wild easily. The Primos Cam 35 supports up to 8 GB SD card storage. Here, you can store 6,610 photos or 180 videos of 30 seconds each. Powered by 4AA batteries, you game surveillance goes uninterrupted. You can also choose a longer battery life by activating fewer LEDs.

An easy to use camera is a great plus on a scouting game. The large backlit LED screen allows an ample view of the display as well as images. This gadget offers you different buttons through which you can make your preferred settings. There is a switch for the picture-taking mode, the image delay and the Multi-Shot feature. The straightforward menu printed at the back of the camera door makes it easier to follow the instructions.

As noted earlier, the camera has visible LED which makes it easy to spot. To make up for this shortcoming, the case design is friendly and camouflages well with a natural setting. It also features a security cable hole and a password lock for protection against theft and tampering. With the rotating mount, it is possible to set it on deer mounts, trees, and balconies. The long battery life and fast trigger speed mean that you can keep it outside for extended periods and capture some great footage.

At its low price, the Primos Truth 35 has some shortcomings. Image focus is below average and you might get blurry photos especially at night. The 8GB storage capacity does not allow for large files. However, some people have fitted a 16 GB SD card which works fine. There are also negative feedbacks that the camera stops working after sometime due to a firmware bug. The company gives a one year warranty if you want to see if this camera will work for you. It is also worth noting that the manufacturer has been working to improve this camera since the first launch. Therefore, it might get better with time. Our top recommendation might be the Moultrie A5, but the Primos Cam 35 isn’t far behind.

3. The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Standard Edition

Bushnell 8MP

Megapixels: 8

Trigger Speed: 0.6 sec

Detection Range: 110ft

The Bushnell 8MP is a great camera and could have been a runaway winner if it didn’t cost nearly twice the price of the Moultrie A5 and Primos Truth Cam 35. Still, if you have the extra cash to invest, you are going to walk away with a very impressive piece of equipment. Not only does it feature an 8 megapixel camera, but it also has a very useful field scan time lapse mode and a very fast trigger speed. The unique features such as hybrid photo, video recording and the TV Out port are the highlights for this camera.

The sharp picture quality of the Bushnell 8MP is a huge advantage. The camera gives bright color day pictures which get better with sufficient amount of sunlight. This quality is attributed to the good focus of the camera. The 8MP is a perfect resolution for detailed images. During the night, the photos are nearly as good as the day ones especially when the shots are close range. The 45 feet flash range does not disappoint. Night support also has 32 infrared LEDs for quality black and white images round the clock. The low glow lighting enables you to capture images without distracting the wild.

The video quality is good with the ability to record full HD videos. The unique hybrid mode enables image and video capture at an eye-blinking speed of 2 seconds. This short time delay allows you to capture the wonders of the wild crisply. The programmable video length is 1-60 seconds and can record sound. However, night videos are only run for a maximum of 15 seconds.

The camera boasts of a wide detection circuit. With the 110 feet detection distance, you are sure to capture as many memories from one standpoint. It has three picture-taking modes. It also features an adjustable PIR sensor for better sensitivity. Depending on the weather condition, you can set the sensitivity at auto, high, normal, or low. At a super-fast trigger speed of o.6 second and a 2.9 second lag time; the gadget shoots well without missing a moment. The Multi-shot feature allows for 1-3 images per trigger. If you wish to monitor how objects move, you can set the time lapse between 1to 60 minutes. And with every picture, you get a Geo tag, temperature, date, time, and moon phase stamp. These stamps allow you to sort out the files.

Quality in its design makes the camera an all-time darling. The Bushnell 8MP sports outputs like the TV Out Port which you don’t normally find on game cameras and a crisp text LCD display for easy setup. The TV Out Port is an excellent way to view your files on a bigger screen straight from the camera. The Aggressor case design is strong and sturdy which makes it durable, consistent with the brand’s tradition. It features a Python cable lock for the extra protection while in the wild.

The compact 3.5 by 5.5 inch camera is user friendly. It comes with a clear manual to guide you on the use. The several buttons on the camera are also self-explanatory and easy to follow. When mounting, the ¼ 20 tripod socket with an adjustable web belt comes in handy. The battery tray is easy to install with 8 AA batteries that can last 8-12 months in a standby mode. An external power supply is possible through the DC port plug. The efficient energy consumption plus a 32 GB SD card support go a long way in giving you a seamless hunting experience. You can store 1,711 images or 571 10-second videos on an 8 GB SD card.

If you are looking for a durable and reliable game camera that won’t let you down in the field, then the Bushnell 8MP should be high on your wish list. A minor letdown is the fact that the user cannot set video lengths. You can only run it on the default video mode. Occasionally, you may find white-outs with some daytime pictures. However, the camera passed all of our tests with flying colors, so if you only need a single game camera and have the extra cash, it comes highly recommended.

4. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera

Megapixels: 10

Trigger Speed: 0.5 sec

Detection Range: 60ft

Launched by GSM outdoors in 2000, the G42 camera is designed to give you high-quality images even in low light. It is packed with essential features that make it a great pick for trail cameras. It comes with a no glow technology, an advanced matrix blur reduction, a wide detection capability, a 12-volt battery box power backup, and an excellent daytime/nighttime support.

One of the best features of the G42NG camera is its ability to take photos at 100 feet range. This is due to the 60 feet deep detection area. The multi-zone detection feature also allows motion capture from different angles. Usually, bigger images trigger the camera at further distances. Thanks to the fast reflex trigger technology, the G42NG takes lightning fast shots in 0.5 seconds with a 5 second recovery time. You can take 1-9 images per trigger activation and allow for 5-59 seconds to 1-59 min trigger intervals.

It is important for trail cameras to take pictures without being detected. Some wild species can sense a 900+ light. Therefore, unfiltered infrared light limits discreet shots. The No glow black IR flash of the G42NG camera illuminates objects without being detected. This trail feature is also importantfor security reasons. In addition, G42NG makes no sound when capturing,allowing you to take game photos without spooking the game. You can capture still images, time lapse photos, and HD videos using the 3 in 1 TRIAD technology.It also has a manual shot capability to allow you plenty of surveillance options.

Depending on the details you need to be captured, there are four options for resolution settings to choose from; 2, 4, 8, and 10 MP. Naturally, picture with a high resolution takes up more space than the low resolution images. To get the most from a 10 MP resolution option, choose a high capacity SD. However, the light might be too sharp for close range photos giving white-out images. Audio video clips of 5-180 seconds are possible with a 1280×720 or 720×480 resolution. And with every image and video, you can stamp the time, date, name, location and moon phase.

Designed to give take epic shots anytime, the camera has excellent day and night support. Daytime photos are outstanding and full color while night images are black and white. When taking shots of moving animals, the camera gives you a blur reduction feature for clear images. The low light technology adjusts the gadget to give you quality shots in the dark. However, night videos are shorter, ranging from 10 to 30 seconds.

As you can imagine, taking images out there comes with its challenges. One of these problems is camera tampering. The GSM Outdoors enabled a secure lock password setting and a python cable port to minimize the risk. As earlier mentioned, the No Glo feature is a security feature as well. The case design is both beautiful and durable.With the weatherproof housing feature, your camera is safe from the elements out there in the woods. The G42NG boast of an external power jack for 12 volt battery box in addition to the removable 8 AA batteries. This extra power allows sufficient time to take images and videos before recharging. Most importantly, you can increase the memory since the camera supports up to 32 GB SD card capacity.

The G42NG camera is easy to setup. Its New Intuitive backlit menu programming gets your camera running in a matter of minutes. With the Quick Set Mode, you easily customize your camera with the three preprogrammed modes. The flick of a switch feature allows you to select from one mode to another. For your preferred images, the Test Mode setting helps you experiment with the different options. With the quarter inch – 20 socket, you can securely mount the gadget outdoors using a strap or an external mount.

Although the camera has enough features for your trail missions, the white-outs can put you off. Luckily, this problem only occurs with a few close-range photos. The second shortcoming is the average recovery time which limits the number of continuous shots you can take. However, the G42NG is generally good to go for a budget trail camera.

5. Browning Strike Force HD Camera

Browning Strike Force HD Camera

Megapixels: 10

Trigger Speed: 0.67 sec

Detection Range: 70ft

For all that there is, the Browning Strike Force camera is a perfect hunting gadget. It blows off your mind with the high-quality images and videos, the long battery life, and wide coverage. Manufactured by a company that specializes in hunting equipment, the camera exceeds your expectations with the lightning fast trigger speed and detection range. Since its first launch, the camera has undergone several improvements to give you ultimate satisfaction. Let’s look at these features in detail below.

Arguably, the most important aspect of a camera is in its ability to take quality shots. These images should be clear and detailed. The Browning Strike Force camera comes with a 10MP resolution for sharp shots without blurs even under low lighting. It also gives quality videos with a 1280x 720 HD option. The Zero Blur feature enables clear images under motion. This ability to take clear photos of moving objects is definitely a plus for a hunting camera. Although the camera uses the Red Glow infrared flash which is visible to animals, the light is not too bright to cause a disturbance. For night snapshots, the huge flash range gives quality images. However, you might notice some variance in resolution for day photos. To minimize the blur, mount the camera where the tree shade is not too much. The overall quality of Strike Force images is good.

The quality images are also possible with the 70 feet range detection circuit. You can take photos as far as 100 feet away. Close range photos are also clear as the camera can adjust to remove white-outs. Coupled with the 0.67 trigger speed sensitivity and a 2.3 seconds recovery time, the camera assures you of quick succession pictures. You can take 8 images per trigger. This burst mode gives quality photos by minimizing blur.

In the case that you want to take the pictures at certain intervals, the 5 seconds to 2 minutes delay optionallows you to customize shots. Note that the time lapse mode does not operate at night. The images taken in the time lapse mode are viewed using the Browning Buck Watch Time lapse Viewer software. The audio option makes the viewing epic as you can tell what is happening. This function also gives you a clue of where the animals are.

For smoother hunting missions, the camera is easy to set up. An internal view allows you to make the right settings for perfect shots. Although the internal viewing is small, the large font instructions on the screen are well visible.

For easy sorting, the Browning camera provides you with a stamp for the date, time, moon phase, and temperature. These memories are accommodated with up to 32 GB SD card which is purchased separately. The 6 AA batteries and an additional 12-volt external jack enable seamless game surveillance. Here, you can take up to10, 000 shots or about 11 months before changing the batteries. Again, you can choose longer battery life by targeting a shorter range using the selectable Nighttime IR Flash settings.

Typical of trail cameras, the Strike Force camera is built to be left outdoors. To ensure that the camera is free from tampering, the case is designed to camouflage with the environment. This case is also ruggedand durable, especially with the outdoor risks. It also has a camo finish for breath-taking beauty. The 4.25” x3.75” x 3.25” compact camera is easy to carry and conceal. It also has a Master Lock Python cable slot for secure mounting. You can easily adjust the gadget up and down with the back metal bracket.

Just like any other camera, the Browning Strike Force camera has its shortcomings. The camera recovery works well except for the 8th shot. This delay is nothing to worry about as the overall speed is ok. There are instances when day pictures might have pixelation when zoomed. Again, this is a small glitch as the images are of excellent quality overall. In one sentence, we can describe the camera as an affordable high-performance trail camera. Therefore, this competitive gadget is a good choice as far as trail cameras are concerned.

6. Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR Game Camera

Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR Game Camera

Megapixels: 8

Trigger Speed: 0.5 sec

Detection Range: 80ft

The GSM Outdoors is known for great value cameras.One of its gift to hunters is the Stealth Camera G30 IR. This model was launched alongside the G42NG camera and quickly became a leader in the industry. It compares well in the market for its quality photos, triggerspeed, flash range, ease of use, and battery life. It features the latest technology to bring you epic experiences.Here are some of the most important features of Stealth Cam G30.

A great trail camera should give you clear photos for both day and night shots. The Stealth Cam G30 has an 8MP resolution for perfect rich color daytime images. Depending on your preference, you can choose from 2MP, 4MP, and 8MP options. The nighttime support has a Retina technology of 30 IR emitters to allow low light images. Motion blur is also taken care of with the Matrix Blur reduction technology. With these features, you get an impressive 16:9 wide image ratio.

The Stealth camera allows high-quality videos with the HD video recording output. Here, you can capture 5-180 seconds of video with audio. This allows you not to just view but also to listen to those magical moments.

In the wild, every movement is crucial. You never know when action might take place. To help you capture as much as you can, the camera features a lightning fast trigger speed. The recovery speed of 0.5 seconds is just great to help you make as many shots as possible. You can capture 1-9 images per trigger with the excellent fire burst mode. At as far as 80 feet away, the camera gives you crisp, clear shots with the 70 feet flash range. Another crucial feature for the Stealth Cam G30 is the time lapse mode with PIR override. The manual shooting capability comes in handy when you need to do specific snaps.With this camera, you will never miss those movements as they happen. All these images and videos are easy to sort with the Geo-tag, date, time, moon phase, and temperature stamps.

The scouting camera is easy to set up. It comes with the multi-lingual capability which features the French, English, Spanish, and German languages. It also offers you pre-programmed options for quick setting by simply adjusting the slider. If you already understand the camera jargon, choose to enter your custom settings. You can alter the internal setting easily through the 2 Line Backlit LCD Menuprogramming. Lastly, the Test Mode allows you to make the right choice for perfect shots without a hassle.

At the top of their minds, hunters want to know how long a good camera will survive the wild. The GSM Outdoors has done a good job in ensuring your camera remains secure. The camera features a secure lock and password protection. To ensure safe mounting, there is a slip through buckle strap. Although some camera owners find this strapping unsatisfactory, it is nothing to worry about. After all, the camera is light-weight and compact enough, measuring a mere 4 x 5.5 x 2.5”. This also makes is easy to carry in the woods.

For uninterrupted surveillance sessions, the camera is powered by 8 AA batteries which are purchased separately. The eject button gives you an easy way to remove the battery tray. There is a 12-volt external power jack in case you need some extra power. When coupled with the energy efficiency of the Stealth Cam G30, the battery life lasts you for more than 6 months. All your photos and videos can be accommodated by the up to 32 GB SD card slot. Note that the SD card is bought separately. Transferring these memories is easy with the USB feature.

The Stealth Camera G30 IR meets the basic requirement of a great trail camera. However, you might find the recovery speed average. Other than the recovery speed issue, the STC-G30 model makes a good pick for a game camera.

7. Distianert Trail Camera 16MP 1080p Wildlife Game Camera

Distianert Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Wildlife Game Camera

Megapixels: 16

Trigger Speed: 0.6 sec

Detection Range: 80ft

Distianert is a well-known name when it comes to all things photography. You can sure bet that they did a good job with the 16MP 1080 trail camera. Since the first launch, the gadget has been upgraded to give you satisfactory wild experiences. With an excellent day and night support feature, the camera gives you quality photos and a quick trigger speed. The easy setup endears the camera to many users and maximizes the game surveillance experience. The camera is also suitable for home security and property surveillance reasons. Now, let’s see how these features fit into the scouting adventures.

Those day and night shots are perfected by the Distianert Dh-8 hunting camera. The 1-12MP resolution options give you crisp clear and colorfulphotos. From different angles and distances, it is possible to take epic images. The advanced 125 degrees detection range captures images above and below the camera. And the 80 feet detection range is excellent for far-off images. At night, you get impressive black and white shots. The clear capture in the dark is possible through the low-glow IR lights. These 42 black 850nm IR illuminators ensure that the wildlife is not disturbed by the shots. The sensors allow perfect images up to 65 feet in the dark.

The 1080p HD video is what you need to capture 1-60 seconds long videos. It comes with an audio feature for listening to what’s happening in the wild. With the multi-shot feature, you can never miss a moment. The quick trigger allows shots at 0.6 seconds intervals with a zero delay for still pictures. You can take up to 3 shots with the burst mode setting. Alternatively, you can set the timelapse mode and take pictures at your preferred intervals with the field scan setting. You can leave your camera out there in the woods and still get the images.

Sometimes you want to get the camera set quickly for action time. The Distianert DH-8 hunting camera is your best pick on user-friendliness. The camera comes with pre-set programs which you simply select using a slider. For veteran users, one can customize the settings to the desired mode. Using the wide 24” screen makes it easy to navigate the camera and to replay videos. For mounting, the 75” back bracket straps make mounting easy and secure either on a tree or a tripod. You are guaranteed to find your gadget intact even over long periods.

The camera offers additional features to let you easily sort and view pictures. The time, moon phase, temperature, and date stamp features enable you to uniquely identify each photo and video. The USB support is a plus tool for easy file transfer to your phone or computer. A TV port interface offers an unrivaled experience in displaying your memories on a larger screen.

Designed for great outdoor experience, the Distianert DH-8 hunting camera has a long battery life to last you 30,000 shots. The camera allows you to choose from a 4AA or an 8AA battery tray. A 6V external power jack is available for backup support. The camera case is designed for the rough outdoor weather. You never have to worry about the rain with the IP56 waterproof rating. The case is also solid and durable to survive elements for long periods. The Low Glow Infrared light helps conceal the camera and protect it from potential tampering or theft. This covert feature also keeps the natural habitat from unnecessary disturbance.

The quality images and videos are a big plus for the Distianert trail camera. However, the 0.6 trigger speed might limit motion capture. To overcome this challenge, you can use the multi-shot feature and capture detailed images. The gadget is a bargain for the advanced features and competes well in the market among the game cameras.

8. Apeman Trail Camera Hunting Game Camera

Apeman Trail Camera Hunting Game Camera

Megapixels: 8

Trigger Speed: < 1 sec

Detection Range: 115ft

When it comes to hunting cameras, you want a gadget that is made to capture every moment clearly. The Apeman Hunting Game camera comes with the infrared night version for crystal clear photos. The camera also boasts of its PIR sensors, IP5 Spray Water protected design, and short trigger speed. You can use this trail camera for wildlife monitoring, scouting, home security, and private property surveillance. In case you experience any issues with the camera, Apeman’s 24-hourcustomer service is there to sort you.

On top of its list of impressive features, the Hunting Game camera gives you quality images and videos. The passive infrared (PIR) sensor records each motion of objects accurately with a 2MP image sensor. Whether taking shots during the day or in the night, the camera auto adjusts itself to give you the best experience. The 8MP resolution power is what you need for a full-color daytime photo. You can also choose to use 5MP, 3MP, 2MP, or 1MP. For the night support, the camera has a Low Glow Infrared technology which produces just the required amount of light for black and white images. This light does not interrupt the natural habitat, ensuring that the animals are not spooked by the camera.The 26 pieces of black LEDs also ensures that no detail is left out. The video quality is good and you can record 10 seconds to 3 minutes of video. You have a video resolution choice from the 1280 x 720p, 848 x 480p, and 640 x 480p options.

With 9 photos per detection, no important moment goes unrecorded. The camera has a fast trigger speed of less than 1 second and allows you to shoot images up to 115m away. With a 60 degree detection angle, the camera will not miss anything in front of it. Sometimes, you may prefer to leave your camera recording the wild action. The fire burst mode allows the camera to capture a series of photos in quick succession.

It is important for any trail camera to adapt to the woods. The Apeman Hunting Game camera’s case is designed to camouflage with the environment. The strong and sturdy casing survives the harsh weather just fine. You can comfortably leave it in the rain since it has the IP54 Spray Water technology. This protection also keeps away dust, oils, and particles that might penetrate and harm your gadget. You are, therefore, sure of a camera that will last you long.

For first time users, the Apeman Hunting Game camera is easy to set up and operate.Measuring just 135 x 93 x 72mm, the camera is easy to carry and mount. The 2.4 inch screen gives you enough display to help you navigate through the camera. For trail camera beginners, the package comes with a detailed manual to guide them through. It also includes a mounting belt, a wall mount and a USB cable.

The game camera is powered by 8 AA batteries which can last you up to 6 months. An external 6V power supply allows you to capture as many brilliant moments in one hunting season. Other support features to give you an easy scouting time are the USB charging cord. The gadget can also accommodate up to 32 GB memory card. The photos can be stored in JPEG format while the videos in the AVI Motion JPEG format.

There are many reasons why the Apeman Hunting Game camera is an ideal trail camera. The one minor disadvantage is that it automatically overwrites pictures once the SD storage is full. To avoid this problem, regularly back up your files and delete them from the SD card. Note that the SD card and batteries are purchased separately. In general, the camera is a great tool for all your hunting and surveillance missions.

9. XIKEZAN 1080P HD Trail & Game CameraXIKEZAN 1080P HD Trail & Game Camera

Megapixels: 12

Trigger Speed: 0.2 sec

Detection Range: 65ft

Getting a mini camera with a wide detection range and high resolution is rare. The
Xikezan 1080P HD Trail & Game camera offers you an irresistible gift. The product has undergone upgrade since the first release to enhance the scouting features, making it the perfect too for game surveillance. Being one of the smallest gadgets in the market, let us see what makes is worth your dime.

Crystal clear photos are central to any trail camera. With up to 12MP resolution power, Xikezan 1080P HD Trail & Game camera gives you unrivaled picture quality. The infrared technology perfects the night black and white photos.Night support also includes 42 pieces of covert infrared LEDs. They provide enough light for quality shots but not too sharp to disturb the animals in their natural habitat. You can also adjust the resolution to fit your shooting environment.

The 1080 HD video gives clear recordings. It can also take audios which helps you hear animal noises. The video length ranges from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. For still photos, you can adjust the resolution to suit your preferences.

An eye-blinking trigger speed of 0.2 to 1 second gives you the ability to record every movement as it happens. It also has a wide detection angle of 120 degrees, which allows you to cover a large area using a single camera. This is further spiced up by the 65 feet detect range. The multi-shot feature allows you to program the camera to shoot at specific intervals. Every trigger takes up to 5 images. In standby mode, your camera can go for 12 months without a battery change.

The setup for the Xikezan 1080P HD Trail & Game camera is super easy and can be done within few minutes. The 2.4” LCD screen makes it easy to view the display and make the preferred settings. The gadget also comes with a strap to allow easy mounting on trees or on walls. It also offers a date, time, camera mode, moon phase and temperature stamps for each image. It is easy to sort out the pictures with the stamp imprints. These images are stored in the standard JPEG format while the videos use the AVI format. All these memories are stored in up to 32 GB SD card. Later, you can view your files comfortably either from the 2” LCD screen or transfer them to another screen using a USB cable.

Designed for the wild, the Xikezan 1080P HD Trail & Game is weather proof. The case design is strong and camouflages well with the environment. You never have to worry about water, dust, or other particles with this solid design. It is super small at 5.2 x 3.5 x 2.9 inches. Its compact nature allows you to carry it comfortably in your pocket and mount it discreetly. To protect you camera from theft and interference, the gadget comes with an anti-theft lock. The game camera consumes power effectively, which means it will easily last you for a whole hunting season. It is powered by 4 AA batteries. For more power, an external 12 volt supply is available.

The Xikezan Company offers a 1-year warranty for this camera. You are covered in the case something goes wrong within the first year. However, the camera package does not come with an SD card and you have to buy it separately. Overall, the Xikezan 1080P HD Trail & Game camera offers exceptional hunting and surveillance experiences.

10. XIKEZAN Trail & Game Low Glow Camera

XIKEZAN Trail & Game Low Glow Camera

Megapixels: 8

Trigger Speed: 0.8 sec

Detection Range: 50ft

The Xikexan Trail & Game camera HD Low Glow is made with attention to details. It incorporates all the essential features for trail cameras. The high-resolution, multi-shot features, long battery life and easy mounting are mind-blowing. It ensures that every moment is captured with clarity. Below are the specific features that make the camera fit for game scouting and surveillance.

The day and night shots are clear and detailed. This quality is credited to the high 8 MP image resolution. You also have a unique opportunity to adjust this resolution for still images. The megapixels give rich color and sharp daytime photos. The 24 pcs low glow infrared LEDs allow for clear nighttime images. However, the images are black and white, unlike the colorful day images. This infrared light is important in giving enough light to the target object without disturbing the wildlife.

With a wide detection range of 50 feet distance and 50 degrees angle, you are sure to capture so much from one place. The super-fast 0.8 to 1.2 seconds trigger speed is what you need to capture movements in real time. Alternatively, you can set the camera to take up to 5 images with the Multi-Shot feature.  The 720p HD videos are equally good with an audio feature. You can capture as many as 12,000 images with the long-lasting AA batteries. An option to use 4 or 12 batteries is available. For an additional power supply, the camera features a 12V external supply. The 0.2 mA energy-saving technology helps the camera run up to 12 months in a standby mode.

All the captured files are easy to identify with the moon phase, date, time, camera mode, name, and temperature stamp. You can store the images and the videos in the up to 32 GB SD card. Please note that the camera package does not include the SD card.

The sleek camera is designed to blend with the environment which makes it secure to leave in the wild. The hard and sturdy case lasts you long and protects the camera from elements. At the back of the case, the mount features allow easy mounting on trees or on walls. Whether there is rain, shine, dust, or corrosive materials, the Xikexan Trail & Game camera HD Low Glow captures impressive images without the risk of damage.

As with many cameras, the package for this gadget does not include an SD card and batteries. However, this is not really a shortcoming as these items are readily available in the market. The video length is also short at 20 seconds. However, you can overcome this challenge by taking many videos. For its price, the game camera gives you what you need for wildlife monitoring, scouting game, and house security.

Buyer’s Guide

Just like their name, trail cameras are used to mark how objects move. There are three instances where you might need a trail camera;

For security purposes

To monitor wildlife

There are hundreds of company’s manufacturing trail cameras. Each year, these companies release different models in the market. Choosing the best trail camera can be a challenging task if you do not know what to look for. Some manufacturers capitalize on price to woo customers. However, there are basic specifications that you should be concerned about. Look for the resolution power, battery life, trigger speed, detection range, infrared technology, picture-taking modes, LCD screen, set up ease, external connections, and security features.


A camera’s resolution determines image and video quality. The higher the megapixels of a camera, the better the image quality it will produce. As a caution, some companies interpolate the images and project higher megapixels than the real pictures. Also, there is no big quality difference between 4 MP and 8MP. Usually, a 2MP is sufficient.

Battery life

Trail cameras take multiple images or videos to accomplish their purpose. For instance, animals might enter the surveillance area multiple times in a night. To capture all these moments, your camera should stay active for several hours. Ensure that your camera is energy saving and that it has an external power supply. Addtionally, the ability to select power-saving options such as short range and few LEDs is a plus. Although most cameras use AA batteries, there are others that use the D type. The AA last longer and are most preferred. D batteries also cost more than the AA ones.

Detection and flash range

Detection range is the area that your camera can sense an object and take images. The flash range indicates how far away an object will be captured. A larger detection range helps record images triggered even by animals that are a bit far from the camera. You can take images above and below the camera. On the other hand, a wider flash range takes night photos of far-off objects clearly.

Trigger and recovery speed

Also known as shutter speed, the trigger speed determines how fast camera takes images after detecting a motion. For you to record moments in real time, a trail camera must capture photos as soon as it detects motion. Animals move fast and so should your camera. A quick trigger speed never misses a moment. A good trigger speed should be at 1 second or less. However, this might not be important if you plan to use a feeder.

Equally important is the recovery time which is the interval between shots. The recovery speeds of most trail cameras vary from less than a second to 60 seconds. If a camera has a long recovery time, you cannot take every photo once a camera detects a movement. Again, for feeder cameras, the recovery speed is of less importance.


At night, images are illuminated with the infrared light. This light allows you to take clear photos without a flashlight. An infrared emitter might be no glow or low glow. With the low glow infrared, some beam is visible during shooting. This light might be a bother to some species. But most animals do not detect this light. It gives sharp and clear night images. On the other hand, the no glow infrared is not visible to people or wildlife. It works great with the security and game cameras. Cameras with the invisible light are called covert.

Picture-taking modes

Taking good images require multiple picture-taking modes. The most basic ones are the video and photo functions. At an advanced level, some cameras have the burst mode which allows you to take several images per trigger. As a result, you capture a series of actions as they happen. Again, some video features are advanced. For instance, recording full HD video is becoming popular. Also, some cameras can take photos and a short video almost at the same time. This allows you to get more elaborate actions. Another factor to consider is the length of videos a camera can support. Anything above 10 seconds works fine. You basically want a camera that can do long videos.

LCD screen

After taking your photos, you definitely want to see them. Some cameras allow you to view the images right after taking them. This feature allows you to take better photos by understanding the right settings. Other cameras do not have the viewer, and you have to use a computer to access the files. Here, you simply take all the pictures you need and leave the scene. All in all, it really depends on your preference.


Buying a good camera is one thing and setting it up is another task all together. You do not want to keep guessing how your gadget works. Some great features for easy setup include an elaborate menu, camera switches and pre-programmed modes. Equally important is the Test Mode. It allows you to stop guesswork when getting the right settings. With these features, you can save time and maximize the camera’s benefits.

Security and durability features

Often, trail cameras are left to do their work in the wild or outdoors. Protecting them from theft and interference is paramount. Some features are found on the case design. A solid and sturdy case gives your camera durability. A color that blends with the surrounding is ideal to conceal your camera. At an advanced level, some cameras have water-resistant features which prevent moisture, dust, and other particles from messing with your gadget. You also want a camera that has a password lock and a python cable hole.

External connections

The ability to connect your camera to other gadgets helps you access your files better. Some cameras have TV Out Port where you connect them to a TV. This allows you to view your files directly from the camera. A USB connection enables file transfer directly to other gadgets such as your smartphone or computer. An SD card support is also important for your pictures’ storage. While SD card support is basic, cameras support different gigabytes. Ensure that your storage can have as many photos in one hunting session. As technology advances, most of the trail cameras are capable of sending images remotely to your phone.

It is hard to get all the advanced features in a trail camera without emptying your bank account. Depending on your needs, look for the most important features. Remember to research well before committing to buy any camera. Customer reviews give you first-hand information. Some advanced technologies can be ignored without compromising the photo or video quality.

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

It’s no secret that Moultrie is often expensive, but this trail camera has great offerings for its price..

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