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FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Review

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Whenever you think of military-grade technology, it is hard to argue with the FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope. However, it is an expensive scope and not something that you will want to buy on impulse. It features some of the latest tech features that are commonly used by the military for conducting clandestine operations.

While not many people have had the opportunity to use the scope, information on it can be rather scarce. However, we have done some digging to find out as much as we can about the scope and what makes it stand out. In this article, you can learn more about the FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope to decide if it is the scope for you.

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FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro - Technical Features:
  • Magnification is 3.2X or 4.2X up to 8X
  • Features a digital compass and inclinometer
  • 45mm eye relief
  • 0.50 BGM weapon recoil resistance
  • 2.9-pound weight without batteries
  • Germanium objective lens
  • CR123A 3-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Objective lens size of 100mm
  • An OLED display with video output
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum housing
FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro

Review Of The FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro

When it comes to riflescopes, many of them are very easy to review. There are a couple of standard features that you look at to see if it is worth it. However, the FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope takes you deeper into more unique tech features. Here is what we think of the FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope:

Durable Construction

The construction of the unit is one of the most essential parts to look at. This riflescope features aircraft-grade aluminum for the internal part of the scope. An optional rubber coating is available as part of the accessories. Without the accessory, it is still waterproof, allowing you to fully submerge the unit if you need to.
While it might not be the best idea to drop the scope, it has a little bit of impact resistance. It can be a drop from a maximum height of 1 meter without any drawbacks or issues that will occur. Form a personal perspective, we will not recommend that you drop the scope and it should be handled with care.

Thermal Imaging

The main reason for anyone to buy this scope is to use it for thermal imaging purposes. As you might have guessed by now, it contains more than just your standard night vision technology. The video input that it has can be connected to your smartphone with the use of an application that comes with the scope. The feature allows you to see thermal images.
All of this is powered by a 3-volt CR123 battery that can be recharged with the charger. The thermal images that you will see in your scan are HD quality, allowing you to see your target much better than your target can see you at night. With the battery, it remains a lightweight scope at just under the 5-pound mark.

FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro

To complement your thermal imaging and viewing experience, even more, you have the addition of the 8X magnification. However, it can be toned down to 3.2X if you need to zoom out. The 100mm objective lens makes it a great option to use during the day, as it has excellent light absorption to use it in low light conditions.
Multiple imaging algorithms also form part of the unit, which allows you to use it in more environments than a standard night vision scope. It can help dim out any light that might be coming directly into your face. Additionally, the images can be modified and used afterward if you need to do some recon on the environment.

Normal Scope Use

Aside from the advanced features that you will use when you need to use thermal imaging, it has normal features to use during the day as well. The massive 45mm eye relief tops the list for most scopes. It makes it usable for those people that need to wear glasses or when you need to adjust your eyes.
The mounting is quick releases, with the ability to put it on almost any rifle that has a standard Picatinny or Weaver rail. It is not recommended for slow rifles or rifles that do not fire semi-automatically, as it might be a little hard to adjust. One benefit is that it does not take any recoil that could readjust the features on the scope.

Price And Warranty

It is hard to find something wrong with this scope aside from the exorbitant price that you will need to pay. The night vision technology has a 10-year warranty, while the rest of the unit will net you a 3-year warranty. Since you can also use AA batteries, you have a lot of versatility when it comes to tackling the outdoors.

FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro

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What We Like:
  • Thermal imaging with app connecting to mobile device
  • Weather-resistant
  • Uses normal batteries as backups (AA)
  • Recoil resistant
  • Massive eye relief
  • Packed with tech features to keep you busy
  • Decent warranty
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What We Don't Like:
  • You might need expert help to figure out how to use it
  • It is very expensive

Is It Worth Buying The FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro?

The FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope is not for everyone. It is a scope designed for the military and you will need some military training. If you are only doing competitions or you are busy with hunting, you might be better off sticking to a standard scope. Add some night vision if you need to go out at night.
The FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope is a once in a lifetime scope that you will never need to replace. However, it cannot be shipped anywhere outside of the USA. Keep in mind that the scope is made for military use.

FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro – Wrap-Up

The FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope is not a scope that everyone will need or use. If you plan to use it for your own military rifles, it can give you an advantage. However, it also serves as a nice toy to have. Let us know in the comment section if you think a civilian needs the FLIR Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Imaging Riflescope.

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